Shimano 3-speed Hub Adjustment ?

Discussion in 'Bicycle Repair' started by echotraveler, Mar 13, 2009.

  1. echotraveler

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    Hello friends,

    ive been riding my new Worksman LGB for 2 days now, pretty nice ride! very heavy, but gets very nice cruising speeds, can't handdle slopes very well but when the motor is in, its gonna be ok.

    so heres the deal, the bike has a 3 speed nexus hub, and it worked great the first day, but yesterday it started jumping from 2nd to 1st gear....when i put 2nd gear it sort of go's to neutral and then feels like 1st gear. and then go's back to 2nd and so forth....

    i would think i need to adjust the little horn that sticks out of the hub, but i cant find the manual on the net, and people only talk a bout the 4-speed and up...

    im thinking that i wrong it somehow, when i did the main voyage, i went to a park and took the bike off road, wanted to try a small (super small) slope, and changed from 3rd to 2nd to 1st in while pedaling, it made a "clank"sound! it sounded as if the sproket had slipped (my old bike did it when i put torque on it, so thats why i thought of that), but its not supposed to slip since its new.

    so do you guys think i can fix this?

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  2. srdavo

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    This is just a guess.... but I think it probably involves your shifting cable adjustment.
    I will ask Josh, at my LBS this afternoon & check back here.

    We have a bunch of bike mechanics here....someone will surely chime in!!
  3. echotraveler

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    thanx man, yeah im thinking its the cable, so i wanted to read the manual or get tips from the net, seems pretty difficult (to find info).

    Im thinking its such a simple thing, that nobody talks about....
    i just dont want to ov4ertighten anything.

    the hub horn that sticks out has a redline, the words set, and a yellow hollow square. Found a vid on Youtube about installing one of this nexus 3 speed hubs, but the guy said many times the lines in this hubs are now im more confused with his statement......

    thanx srdavo, i appreciate your help.
  4. Happy Valley

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  5. echotraveler

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    been there....not good, it seems something is wrong with all the 3speed pdf's

    im not sure why, but they just load and never show any on the 3speed to check if you have better luck.

    hope you have better results

    i think that mine is the EV-SG-3C41-DX-2331
  6. ocscully

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    Cable Tension Adjustment?

    It sounds to me like you just need to adjust the cable tension? To do this you need to put the shifter in the set position (there should be an indicator mark on the shifter) and then screw out the barrel adjuster to line up the indicators shown in your photo at the rear wheel. New cables stretch or settle in and this type of adjustment is normal.

  7. echotraveler

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    Many thanx oscully! i will put the redline on the gear thats nearest to the set triangles, and then tweek the tension. i will keep you guys posted as to what happens.

    Hopefully this will show up on searches in google, to help people with the same situation.
  8. Mountainman

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    3 speed hubs seem to last forever

    haven't looked close at one of these exact set ups
    but from the bike shop days -- all types of 3 speeds in working condition are simple
    as mentioned above many have a little mark -- line
    get that adjusted -- two will line up -- many times on second gear

    then are others that one just takes the slack out of cable
    not with cable pulling while in first gear -- but adjusted to have no slack

    a good thing to know how to do on your bike -- should be simple
    don't want it slipping or crunching -- that could tear it up inside

    note - if treated (( fair )) these 3 speed hubs seem to last forever

    as we ride that thing
  9. ducatiluke

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    the yellow dot in the window needs to fall between the two yellow lines when the shifter is in 2 position if this does not work then get warrantie on the item
  10. ducatiluke

    ducatiluke New Member

    adjust the cable tension to make the yellow dot move
  11. echotraveler

    echotraveler Member

    Thanx guys, it worked!

    put it in 2nd gear, adjusted the tension. the red line is now on the yellow triangle and there is small circle, that pushes the little rod, that has a yellow mark, which now is insde the yellow square marking. Works like a sharm heres a pic of me having fun! in Old San Juan.

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  12. srdavo

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    awesome... another happy ending!!
  13. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member

    have fun as you ride the motor bike thing

    we agree with that -- always good to be happy

    cool little bike you got there

    have fun as you

    ride that motor bike thing
  14. Esteban

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    Those systems will work better if you pause or slowly pedal when shifting. Standing up & riding hard on one , while trying to shift, can damage it & your " codgee-wadgees !"
  15. echotraveler

    echotraveler Member

    yeah i try no to shift on it while making forces.
  16. sparky

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    At first, I was like :ee2k: :ack2: :dunce:

    But then I read this and LOL'd. :rofl:

    I hope others won't try to shift their internally geared hubs while doing some serious pedaling.