Shimano Inter 8 Hub & Inter M Brake, KETTLER BIKE, SBP SHIFTER, DAX ENGINE

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    The bike shop finished my wheel yesterday and I installed it last night and this afternoon. It is a Shimano Nexus Inter-8 Premium Internally Geared Hub with a roller brake. It is absolutley awesome. It shifts flawlessly and without hesitation or any notice at all other than the rpm change. I back off the throttle when I shift. It downshifts like an automatic transmission in your car. This hub is the red band which is a beefed up version. It has sealed bearings which is comforting to me. I also have sealed bearings in the front hub. After a few test runs I went on a ten mile ride this afternoon. I couldn't be happier with it. It tops out about 45 mph and easily cruises 30-35 mph. It took all the hills easily by downshifting. I am running a nine tooth sprocket on the crank side which lets the engine rev quickly and gives it plenty of torque. I guess one reason I'm so pleased with it is because I wasn't sure it would perform well at all on a motorized bike. I had a three speed that jerked so badly when it shifted I couldn't keep chains on it. It also bent the rear axle.

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  2. Nice ride! those tires are awesome! Interesting blend of styles. I've often thought comfort bikes would make some nice builds.
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    Awesome looking bike! I'm curious, 1st gear is equivalent to how many tooth sprocket? I'm looking to get something more reliable than a derailleur but I nee something equivalent to a 34 tooth 1st gear to climb the hills here.

    Did you buy the hub online, and if so where? Thanks!
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    I don't know what the tooth count would be but 1st is like granny gear in a truck. I some times take off in 2nd. I climb hills in 3rd and 4th gear @ 25 mph that my work van won't shift out of first going up the same hill. It will accelerate going up hill in 3rd. I try to take it easy with the hub and so far no problems. I probably have over a hundred miles on it.

    I bought the hub and brake from
  5. Happy Valley

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    Interesting. I'd be interested to know how that hub works out for you.
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    Wow, fine work!!
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    that is one sweet looking ride I love the hub i added it to my favorites so that I might buy myself one.I have the Jackshaft kit on my bike and it goes pretty good but if i have problems with it shifting I would like to try the hub you have please keep us informed on how well it works.
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    The hub is Cool !! Love the black Paint job and the fuel tank is great !!!
    That is one ripping ride, be careful out there !!!!!
    Have-fun !!!
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    Man that MB looks like it screams. Great job
  10. i-paint

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    Thanks, I powdercoated the frame, engine and most of the components. The wheels were red when I bought them. i-paint
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    Stunning.. Really I am so impressed. Gratz
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    What are you using for a tank? I have a simular frame and could use something like that b/c the peanut doesn't fit in many ways including physically. I was thinking of getting a old leather tool roll bag and putting a container in, I just haven't fount a container suitable.