Shimano/Isis bottom bracket question? Building the ultimate fishing bike ;)

Discussion in 'Bicycle Repair' started by LocustsOfSteel, Jan 26, 2009.

  1. LocustsOfSteel

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    I got a shifter kit from sick bike parts for my 2 stroke mountain bike, soon to be "the ultimate fishing bike"...
    (more to come on that note soon on a separate thread :biggrin:).

    I just about have everything installed, i had to add a chain breaker, a crank removal tool, and a shimano bottom bracket tool to my arsenal of tools, and i just now removed the bottom bracket in order to install the new wider square spindle needed for the shift kit (as pictured below), then i ran into my first snag...

    I cant seem to figure out how to remove a rather thin "bolt" that seems to hold the bottom bracket, the spindle, and perhaps the bearings together (also pictured below, with me pointing a pencil at the "bolt")...
    I have tried my luck with basic tools in order to remove this little b!+ch, but it just wont budge no matter how hard i try. (pliers fit, but vice grips, adjustable wrenches, and my socket set wont fit)

    Does anyone know what this problematic "bolt" is called?
    What is the name of the proper tool for removing it?
    And do you think there's a ghetto way of removing it so i don't have to buy yet another tool lol?

    Thank you for any advice i may receive, and sorry about the "carpy" pics from the cell phone i was using lol

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  2. Ghost0

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    You've got mail from SBP.

    Ok for the rest of you, what he has is a cartridge style bottom bracket, to use the spindle supplied in the kit requires the "cup and cone" style bearing set up. I attached of photo of the necessary part for clarity.

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  3. LocustsOfSteel

    LocustsOfSteel New Member

    Excellent, thanks ghost!
  4. DetonatorTuning

    DetonatorTuning Active Member


    there are tools to take that catridge apart, but as you now know the SBP spindle won't work in it any way.

    i had a problem with the BB on my Trek 4500 when i tried to mount the freewheel crank too, i solved it by getting a 73 x 122 cartridge BB from the local bike shop. single bolt in piece, done deal.

    you may not be able to go that way with your build. and the longer SBP spindle will put the pedal cranks out further for more clearance anyway.

  5. Ghost0

    Ghost0 Guest

    We have had customers us the 125mm cartridge but it can cause chain alignment issues which is why we suggest just spending the $15 to convert it to the "loose bearing" style instead of spending $30 on a new cartridge and potentially having issues.
  6. Happy Valley

    Happy Valley Active Member

    Loose bearings? Your attachment shows caged ball bearings.
  7. Ghost0

    Ghost0 Guest

    True but to us "old timers" this was a term that was used as opposed to the sealed bearings that are in the cartridge style. Old 1 piece bottom brackets also have been called "loose bearing" even though now they even have caged bearings. It it just semantics, I think everyone gets the point.
  8. Happy Valley

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    Heh, OK old timer, but for the record I've got kids not too shy of your age.

    The next time I overhaul a bike swapping out caged bearings for loose ball I'll refer to all the cussing I do over dropped bearings just semantics, LOL.
  9. Ghost0

    Ghost0 Guest

    Good thing I wasn't drinking anything I would have spewed it all over my keyboard, that is funny.:grin5:
  10. LocustsOfSteel

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    Well, the other day i went to the local bike store, and i made sure to bring the spindle and the original cartage, when i tell the guy whats going on and hand him the parts he said he had exactly what i need, he went into the back store room and emerged with a part that looked a great deal like you told me to get...

    But when i got home and tried to install it i noticed that it was just a hare too wide to fit, and both sides are threaded the same way, as opposed to one side being reverse threaded like the cartage type... needless to say, i was feeling kind of low after a long ride on the bus just to be let down like that:confused:.

    So i took my dog for a walk in an attempt to clear my head, and then some kind of freaky miracle moment happened while crossing a bridge over a creek... in the twilight i could just barely see the form of a broken bike in the creek:idea:!
    It had no wheels, derailleurs, brakes, and the frame was beat up pretty bad, but i still carried it home just in case.

    When i got back i noticed that the outside of the crank looked EXACTLY like what you recommended Ghost... so then i disassembled it all and cleaned everything up, and in no time i was surprised to find that the whole crank assembly was in fantastic condition, and best of all... It fit both the SBP spindle and my bottom bracket PERFECTLY:grin5:!!!

    Yesterday i installed the last bit of the shift kit, and took it for a test ride, and it was really cool, the gear shifting really does properly harness the engines full potential... and then out of nowhere i learned the hard way exactly why the SBP manual recommends to file a couple of notches in the jackshaft... I lost the wide chain and the master link on it due to the gear that holds it sliding down the jackshaft lol:dunce:.

    I am now filing down that part i was supposed to, tinkering with the rest of the large chain i have left and preparing to go get a new master link.
    Once all that is done... I'll rewire my 12v lighting, then get a PVC pipe and cut it into 4 pieces and rig them to attach to my bike's rear rack as fishing pole holders.
  11. LocustsOfSteel

    LocustsOfSteel New Member

    Here's some pics that helped to inspire me...
    The only difference is, the one I'm building is self powered and has a full transmission for fast roads and steep trails!

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  12. Ghost0

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    We don't put that stuff in the manual just because it is fun, lol. Locktite is a must as well.

    When you say large chain which one are you talking about, to me wide chain is the 415 that goes from the engine to the jackshaft. Or are you talking about the one that goes from the jackshaft to the chainring? If you are talking about the 2nd one, jackshaft to chainring, DO NOT USE A MASTERLINK ON THIS CHAIN. First the masterlink can't handle the stress and it increases the chance of it catching on the other chain. Just an FYI.
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  13. LocustsOfSteel

    LocustsOfSteel New Member

    The 415.
    Yeah, i had been waiting to get this kit for a few months and got impatient at the last moment lol, and your right, i may as well get some locktite.

    Where do i get locktite and how much does it cost?
  14. Ghost0

    Ghost0 Guest

    Any hardware or autoparts store should have it, get the blue stuff. It holds but you can still get the set screw out if you need to. On the large sprocket I suggest to use a lot. That set screw has to thread in a long way so by the time it gets where it needs to go you have removed all the locktite. It is around 3 or 4 dollars.

    BTW nice find on the bottom bracket parts. I would take the other one back to the bike shop, I would also give the guy a little grief, they should know better, unless they accidentally gave you two of the same side on accident.
  15. LocustsOfSteel

    LocustsOfSteel New Member

    "get the blue stuff." That i shall do.

    "BTW nice find on the bottom bracket parts." Thanks, i almost never seem to have that kind of luck!:D

    "I would take the other one back to the bike shop, I would also give the guy a little grief, they should know better," I plan to get a refund tomorrow, but it was the end of the day and he looked tired, so i'll try to go easy on him... However i will tell him that i spent a total of $7 on a couple of 2 way trips there for nothing.

    "gave you two of the same side on accident" No, it was a completely different size and thread type, even though i brought with the original cartage bracket for sizing.
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  16. DetonatorTuning

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    COOL, up here we call that a "Devine appointment", i LOVE to hear of that sort of thing happening for people.

    happy bike/ fishing