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    Hey guys,
    Doing a little fact finding......
    Looking at a possible out of state purchase on a H model Whizzer. Looking answers to the following:
    1. Approximate weight ?
    2. can they be broken down (remove handle bars or loosen to 180 deg), remove front wheel, so as, to fit in a bike box?
    A bike box (extra weight of the engine considered) will ship UPS. If exceeds 70 lbs?, then UPS LTL. Or, perhaps FedEx.
    Any thoughts or experiences appreciated. My goal is to ship as cheaply as possible, yet, not risk an damage.
    Thanks for any ideas or replies.

  2. jaguar

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    shippers normally do remove the handlebars and front tire to make the package more compact.
    do a search online for bicycle shippers.
    the owner should be able to tell you the weight.