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    Anybody have a springer frontend? Any info good r bad would be Helpful!! CanalCat

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    Let's just say they are only good for looks.

    They do not give you much if anyway suspension and usually have little if any brake options.
    That is the single fork type. At least it had a hole for C-brake mount and ~$50.


    The monarch has two forks and does some suspension, and has a disc brake option, but it is for right side caliper when most everything in North America is left side.
    Dandy of you can find a right caliper and wheel for it but I don't know what I'm going to with this as it has no V-brake option.


    If you want real suspension go for a telescoping front fork.
    You can get them with both disc and V brake mount for ~$85.

    You can use better V-brakes and it has real suspension.


    Or go left side disc in a nice shock fork, (my favorite).


    In short lots of options, just make sure you consider brake options as no MB is safe enough to ride without a front brake.