Shopping for Wholesale 24" trikes & E-Drive kits



my friend, dee, is ready to join us :D

she plans to open a retail bike shop & wants to offer trikes & e-kits in our inventory.

i'm looking for a trike & e-kit that allows us to sell them at a reasonable price to the elderly residents
in our very bicycle-friendly area.

when i find one that would be available to us wholesale, we'll build one for her to try out.

i can look around forever, but since i have no experience with the things, and we don't have any e-members yet, i need some guidance...




my friend tim works at a shop and they have been selling alot of electro trikes with the front hub motors. i think they said a hub kit was something around 150 or 250 i cant realy remember but they sell a whole bike for something around 500 600 bucks i guess. spookytooth doesnt sell gas motors anymore they sell just electros. im sure rolland the owner of spookytooth or my other friends shop can tell you what they get all there stuff for.


we think they'll sell good up here...thanks for that, bird :)

i'll send off an email to spookytooth tomorrow, do you mind linking me to your other friend, too?
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