short term memory loss

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by HeadSmess, Jan 9, 2014.

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    3 times now, 3 times and i still havent got it!

    huh? oh. just a frame i keep leaving at a friends, whenever i buzz round in the car with the intention of picking it up.

    :cry: i just want the disc off the back cus the one on the hub im using is warped, and the five i have off lil pitbikes have the wrong bolt pattern!

    oh, just rebuilding the old 20" cruiser again, and this time...its getting a disc up front.

    just had to cut the headtube earlier, and graft one off another frame on, the bearing seats in the stock tube were flogged out. other than find another frame, there was no alternative!

    but, increasing the angle by a degree or two has made it handle like it used to before i put the bmx forks on it. at least, from what i can determine by rolling down the drive as it has no chains yet...

    slightly annoying that despite a pile of frames and bits that ive collected over the years, i never have what i need. nice set of bmx forks with v-brake mounts...can i use them? no. they use the larger tube, stupid aheadsets! so its on to the disc. can i use it? no. cus some $%&& ran it over! GRRRRRR

    hurry up and get back from this interstate trip, fool! i want another bike running!

    im planning on a 800km ride and i dont wanna take my real bike. cost me half my license last time!

    take it slow and see how far these bike paths will take me :)

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    Time to start making what-to-do notes :idea:
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    And then you need to remember to bring them with you or you'll be standing in the store trying to read the list on the work bench at home. I'm quite good at it actually. :)

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    It happens to all of us - we eventually succumb to CRS disease - Can't Remember Sh*t :)

    AKA: BigBlue
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    i suffer from the exact reverse. i cant remember anything useful :jester: some could even say, Full Of Sh*t :)

    i thought about a white board once. its on the list of things to do :biggrin:

    now im simply suffering from "wrong spoke syndrome" too short for X4, too long for X3... wonder what bike shop charges for a nip and roll? cus unless i can find that old wide flange wheelset...

    oh well. i was hoping to weld caliper mount AND motor mounts in one sitting. no go :(
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    what an experience.

    my first dead CDI! one pop, and dead!

    otherwise...everything went "fairly" smoothly.

    one. find a different rim that has a slightly large inner diameter than the first one i tried. a cool one with 36 valve holes! i think i might look into a kevlar "rim strip" for this one...rubber bulges ominously at 40psi! and i like 70 myself, on these tyres.

    two. relace X3, true to a few mm cus im lazy. (arrrgh! forgot to file down the couple of ends that poked through!)

    three. attach caliper to other bmx forks that just suited the setup better.

    four. swear because after all that you find they only JUST fit the new steerer tube, unlike the old ones that had 10mm of spacers under the locknut. measure twice! anyways. they do fit.

    five. after brutally fitting the least siezed of rusty chains and getting it all oiled and smooth...(lots of cussing and whacking with blunt objects) test ride and go too far, walk 5km home... next time im filling the tank!

    six. think of paint and maybe taking pics cus it really does look like a deadly rustbucket.

    seven. this jet is too big.

    but hey, my old baby runs again and stops.on.a.dime. though i only stop for $1 minimum. the longest surviving engine, black skyhawk... the only one i dared LOAN to someone for a few months. after i used it for a year daily... and why get it going? to loan it out again :confused: basically i wont sell it unless they find me the same type frame...