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    I have a throttle with a barrel in the throttle on the handlebar and a little barrel on the other end. It is in a slot in the sliding barrel of the carb. Does anyone know if these can be shorten ? I would be happy to purchase one if I knew where.


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    Throttle cables are made of two parts, the inner cable with the barrel ends and the housing. The housing length is critical in relation to the cable length for the proper travel.
    I've shortened housings by removing the vinyl cover and unwinding the stainless spiral and snipping to length. Shortening the inner cable is a bit more problematic in that you have to re-solder one of the barrels which is hard to do and have it be as rugged as the factory does it. I've done it in a pinch at the carb end by snipping to length and wrapping copper wire and building up a carb end barrel with solder and filing to fit.

    For the price it is definitely is easier to just buy a new cable at the proper length. A local small engine/lawn mower repair place might have them or you can get them online. I've used these guys who have good prices with good results.
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    Soldering cables is relatively simple once u get the hang of it & an invaluable skill to learn that lasts a lifetime....make sure u have a soldering iron of atleast 40watts+ and if u can aviod it try not to use electrical solder,silver solder is better cos it's stronger.
    The actual job is a time consuming/fiddly process(satisfying though) but it will save u money & get your cables taylor made.
    If u havn't already search this forum on how to solder,or ask elsewhere..............PRACTICE.

    PS....if u have no interest in making-up cables there are stores that do it professionally.
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