should i make a flamer kit ? would it be the right thing to do ?

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  1. sp1ke

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    what is a flamer kit ? it basically ignited unburned gasses in the exhaust causeing a fireball / flame thrower effect from the exhaust

    im thinking of making a flamer kit for my motor bicycle just for giggles should i do it ?

    ive made them for cars and motorcycles but once tryed making one super sized that set fire to my fartherinlaws garden hedge >.<

    answer yes or no if i do it ill make a video

  2. butre

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    where is roach?
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  3. FurryOnTheInside

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    Ohhhh no not this thread again. :rolleyes: :p
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  4. Jwestie15

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    Do it! Rice mods are great! So much ingenuity no points to be seen
  5. What are rice mods? Lol
  6. Jwestie15

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    Ricers, underglow, Japanese cars, strung out 4 bangers, they put stupid sh*t on their cars like flamer pipes, it's awesome
  7. Oh I thought it was a typo & you meant Race Mods.
  8. Timbone

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  9. gary55

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    Fire away.
  10. Frankenstein

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    download (6).jpg
    images (5).jpg
    download (7).jpg

    Have fun kids!
  11. KCvale

    KCvale Motorized Bicycle Vendor

    I think lights would be better than a flaming exhaust ;-}
  12. Frankenstein

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  13. Steve Best

    Steve Best Well-Known Member

    You won't believe what the term "Flamer" means up here.
    I cannot imagine what you would need for a"Flamer Kit"?
    Boa and heels? Chaps that show your tackle? Slickers and taxi fare?
    I dunno...

    But real flames? Now that would be cool!
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  14. Frankenstein

    Frankenstein Well-Known Member

    Yea I was having a hard time avoiding the spandex and bubble bath jokes..
  15. Frankenstein

    Frankenstein Well-Known Member

    So about those chaps again, what's the going price for them again? Mind if I try them on first?
  16. Steve Best

    Steve Best Well-Known Member

    I used to have problems with shorts and leather car seats, I can't imagine the chaps...
  17. Crisco

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    Now that is the dumbest question I've ever heard... Why, of course you should make a flamer exhaust..! Actually, these should be stock kit straight out of the factory...
  18. KCvale

    KCvale Motorized Bicycle Vendor

    You sure didn't want to be wearing bare butt chaps and sit down anywhere outside yesterday here in Phoenix, it was a record shattering 118F, and this mornings low was 98F.

    You don't want to be wearing anything leather here.
  19. Frankenstein

    Frankenstein Well-Known Member

    After a while you don't even notice you're wearing buttless chaps, once the back of your legs look like this you can sit on just about anything without even flinching. cracked-maple-bark-400x300.jpg
  20. gary55

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    In Frisco they have a parade dedicated to flamer kits.