Should I, or shouldn't I...

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  1. ahowell

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    Whizzer-ize Roadmaster repro - Should I, or shouldn't I...

    Ok folks - I need some advice here.

    I have new, reproduction "Roadmaster Luxery Liner" bicycle that I paid $400 for a couple of years ago. I recently obtained a complete Whizzer engine kit, and I have started the installation. I have a red gas tank that matches the red on the bicycle EXACTLY, so I know this is going to look pretty sweet if I proceed.

    However, not sure I should continue because I'll have to make cut-outs in the rear fender for the belt, and I'll also have to cut out part of the chain guard because the engine is in the way. I may have to make other mods as I proceed also.

    Should I leave the "reproduction" Roadmaster bicycle alone? Will it keep it's value, or rise if I leave it stock? Or since it is a reproduction, is it worthless as a collector bike?

    I could install the Whizzer engine kit in a Wal-Mart Schwinn cruiser, but these are a dime-a-dozen and I think the engine kit in the Roadmaster would be rather unique, and 'look' more like an original Whizzer in mint condition.

    See photos for what the current bicycle looks like, and a photo of what it would look like with the engine kit installed (except it would look new, of course).

    Thanks for any and all feedback!


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  2. meatwad

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    Knowing the value of this bike is a tough one. I think they made a couple of thousand of them. However I bought one of the frames on ebay and I was the only bidder and it went for 26.00.

    I've seen people claim that they sold for 4000 bucks originally but thats many times more than what a mint original would be worth.

    Do it. Besides a whizzer install is an upgrade. (heck I've got a Happy time on a 41 elgin)

    I've also seen vintage roadmaster fenders go for less than 30 bucks a pair on the bay if you dont want to cut up the shiny ones.

    I wonder however if the engine is going to clear the straight lower bar.
  3. ahowell

    ahowell New Member

    Hey Meatwad,

    Thanks for the advice. Yes, the engine barely fits. It does clear the lower straight bar as does the carb. It must sit pretty low in the frame, and the bottom does clear the chain and sprocket, but only by about 3/8". It would not fit if I left the chain guard on and unaltered, thus the reason I will need to cut the chain guard to fit, if I even decide I need to install it.

    Yes, I have seen some sites still selling this bike for $3000, and others for $750 or so, but just not sure how highly 'esteemed' these reproductions are to collectors and enthusiast. I'm leaning on proceeding. As you stated, a Whizzer engine could be considered an upgrade!

    Thanks again...

    Can anyone else give me their 2 cents worth?

  4. SimpleSimon

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    Well, 1/2 cents worth is - go ahead and install that Whizzer kit. At the same time, I'd suggest you carefully remove the original fender and the chainguard and store them, get a good qualitry generic fender to fit and cut on it, fab a chain guard (and if you have any painting skills, paint it with a "WhizzMaster" logo).
  5. give me vtec

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    thats good advice...

    I think with a whizzer motor you will just add value to the bike... especially if it is installed correctly and it looks/rides good.
  6. Chris Crew

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    I wouldn't should you or shouldn't you, but WHY HAVEN'T YOU?

    Seriously, though, I wouldn't cut the chainguard--I'd just leave it off that way you can go back if you ever wanted to.
  7. bricycle

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    ....if this was my dilemia, I would store the original guard and fender, purchase a old original beat up roadmaster fender do the cut outs, as for the chain guard I would use a early mid '50's Schwinn Tornado style chainguard, as they are plentiful, cheap, and nice and round in front to fit the Whizzer side case opening. I used one of these on a Black Phantom, as the Feather guard is quite large. Have fun with your project!
  8. fm2200

    fm2200 Member

    That bike is a collectors dream, it is worth at least $2500 to 3500. I would not put an engine on it, of course the choice is yours. But if you look on craigslist or ebay you sometimes see them their and they are ultra expensive.
  9. professor

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    I will kick in my 2 cents so you will have a nickel.
    Put the bike away. Get one with 2 brakes. Stopping is real important. Your hide depends on it.
    Personally I would not even consider a cruiser that lacked good brakes (V brakes). I also like mountain bikes with front suspension. I change the bars seat and seat post= great ride and handling.
  10. bricycle

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    Black Phantoms are collectable, but the Greens amd Reds are more so. Mine was converted to Whizzer back in 1958. All I received that was original was the frame and fork assy. I rode her for one season then decided to convert her back to a bicycle. After finding all the parts I needed, she's now back to her old self. And now a 24" Western Flyer has a Whizzer stuffed into it.
    Oh, in case anyone is interested, the '52 BP is available for $875.00 but is pick up only (Chicago west suburb).

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  11. cwucat42

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    Should I?

    That is a sweet Roadmaster! I bought a New Belgium Fat Tire 2009 bike that looks a lot like a Phantom. It has a springer and a front fender headlight and a functional horn in the tank. I decided to go ahead and cut the back fender and modify the chain guard to accomodate the engine. I mounted a chrome and black engine and I've never regretted it. My pics are on this site if your interested. I'd say do it-it'll be awesomely unique.

  12. fm2200

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    Bricycle That is a very mint looking bicycle, a lot of bicycle shops are now selling those fat tire beauties. Thanks for posting those pics.
  13. goodyearpimp

    goodyearpimp New Member

    go for it bro
  14. KanesKustoms

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    Ive got a few sets of roadmaster fenders hanging in my shop. They are still easy to get
  15. bricycle

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    fm2200, Thanks for the kind words!