Should I send it?

Discussion in 'Laws, Legislation & Emissions' started by Large Filipino, Mar 6, 2008.

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  1. What should I do? Would I be starting a fire or would sending this letter actually help our movement?
    It's saved in my draft folder right now.
    Should I just keep it there and wait for the time I may actually get harassed?
    Am I hanging my own leash here?
    Is there anything I should change in the letter?

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  2. loquin

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    I would probably add that various other states, including neighboring Arizona, have settled on a legal definition that a motorized bike IS a bicycle, so long as certain conditions are met. (engine size <= 48cc, operational speed <= 20 mph, etc.) and that the U.S. Department of Transportation also has a draft proposal which similarly defines a motorized bicycle as a bicycle, just with a helper motor.
  3. gone_fishin

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    and maybe mention our willingness to continue to self-regulate...these are not toys like the pocketbikes or scooter-thingies...they are great alternative adult-transportation.

    just sayin'...

    btw-i hope you realize that the above attachment has become public knowledge...if you want to modify and repost the .jpg lemme know.
  4. fetor56

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    You could also stress the enviromental impact...."in a world of deepening climate change i feel i am doing my "small bit" for our country,indeed planet"'ll need to check your facts about this first Large cos there's a lot of variables to concider.
  5. It's cool. I saw my name on there. I'm not too worried about exposing my name.That whole thing asking to keep my information confidential is what they had suggested I do before contacting our mayor so my name isn't exposed to the city's public you could,Augi..maybe take my name out. :grin:
    Yes. These are good things I need to mention. I'm gonna revamp this.

    (edit) Where are my manners? THANK YOU Augi in advance!
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  6. You know I think I'm gonna just leave it alone for now because I really haven't been bothered at all. In fact,most show appreciation when I shut it down.
    I got this idea in the first place by starting a thread in our local topix forum:
  7. eltatertoto

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    large, (keep in mind this is for the trails in my area) i was told (by the bike shop owner) that the only time the trails are patrolled is at night, by cops on harleys, or bikes. and the on ly way u could get in trouble is if ur driving wrecklessly and are not using proper trail ettiquite. ane even then all he can do legally is give ya a slap on the wrist, and tell ya not to go trailing with it. i would send the mailjust to see what he says, but evewn if he says its not prmitted, you could ride it till ya get a slap on the wrist. and i was trold that unless the cops are called multiple times, they really dont like going on the trails during the day, cause they would be endangering the peds. this was not told to me by a cop, but by a guy that rides the trails with a whizzer daily to get to work. (the shop has a little branch off of the bike path to get to the shop.
  8. graucho

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    Its exciting being a pioneer / It stinks being a pioneer. We can see the future rite in front of our noses. We know that motor assisted bikes will be a big part of the future. Maybe were all just a bit more perceptive to what's to come. We have a interesting road ahead of us. My advise is... do what your gut tells you, and others will follow.
  9. thatsdax

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    Good Idea...

    Good Idea..Leave it alone. Safety in numbers... Wait until the number of Motor Assisted bicycle riders is larger. Then there will be more support. And..Like you said..No one bothers us anyway. Not the cops anyway.. And that is what matters.. And.. Gas going to record highs this spring, I am sure there will be even less inclination for others to bother us. If anything, they will appreciate us. Just leave it be and keep doing the right thing and that is.. Ride green-ride a Motor Assisted bicycle. Thanks..Enjoy the ride..
  10. I'm now thinking the same thing,Dax. Like that saying "If it ain't broke,don't fix it."
    I mean this is too may even backfire on us and if there's no solution that will please everyone and since the number of people that do this in Colorado you can probably count with your hands we may in fact lose and they may even outlaw the motoredbike.
    Yes. This is too early.
    Nevertheless,because I can actually get away with it,I'm gonna take the suggestion from the roadie on that Topix forum to get a flag and write Limited Disability on there. It may lessen the sneers.
    Even the presence of a flag pretty much SCREAMS "This is a Bicycle".
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  11. grndslm

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    I love this thread. I love Large for creating it. And I love everybody's suggestions for the revamp. I just love you guys! *tear*

    I just hope that Uncle Sam will be as loving to our requests... there should be a bunch of people sign it!
  12. nsideus

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    I would keep riding till the ticket comes if ever. They will some day try to force license, insurance and registration on us. I regularly use the bike trails here in Co Springs. Would be nice to create and organized group and be ready for legislation when it comes maybe quietly slip a law through with a greased palm. The government, insurance co. can't stand to see anyone slip through their noose. I can go on I feel a us against them rant coming on.....