Should the government have the power to shut down the Internet ?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by seanhan, Feb 3, 2011.

  1. seanhan

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    It seems they are worried about it...

  2. professor

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    Of course they are worried about it.
    The only source of widely available non-controlled information out there is the net and Zero has an executive order to to kill it anytime he wants.
    Do you think he wants you to know how he is behind the scenes stregnthing the muslim brotherhood to overthrow Egypt so that terrorists (like the leaders of Iran) will control the Suez canal and boost oil prices/ weaken the US and further surround Israel to create more war in the region?
  3. SimpleSimon

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    I see you have contracted Beck-itis, professor.
  4. give me vtec

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    do you watch glenn beck?
  5. SimpleSimon

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    Can't say that I do, on anything more than casually viewing an occasional video clip of the clown in action. He is a heck of an entertainer, giving his target audience exactly what they want and engendering a large fan base.

    I'm not a part of that audience - I fear I am entirely too skeptical to fit his target demographic cohort.

    I just laugh at his antics a few times a year. Much like I occasionally laugh at clips of George Carlin, or Whoopi Goldberg, or other comedians.
  6. seanhan

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    Let's. See. ...... Shutting down the Internet .... Burning books .....

    Kinda the same thing... amerika we are well on the way !!!!

    Zig hi !!!
  7. seanhan

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    I keep waiting for the FCC to take away the ham radio band......
    Seems the a logical first step.....
  8. give me vtec

    give me vtec Active Member

    then this is another case of you spouting about something you know little to nothing about.... yet again.

    i suggest you either watch the show entirely and in its context or shut the f u c k up. Unlike you, i have watched the show everyday for about three years... well since he warned about the coming credit crisis anyways.

    not only has he been absolutley correct and relevant... but extremely verifiable. he backs up everything he says with scholarly and credible evidence/sources.... that anybody can verify themselves if skeptical.

    everything he says that isnt admittedly opinion is verifiable... and i do verify and fact check myself.

    instead of doing exactly what you excoriate a good of us and everybody else for... why dont you do your own homework, intead of taking snip-its from the talking heads.... that you claim not watch in the first place. the video editors can do amazing things to convince the weak and lazy... remember that.

    looks like you get to be the hypocrate again.
  9. give me vtec

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    ill tell you what simon... i will make it even simpler than all that.

    if you can tell me why code pink, bill ayers, and burnadine dohrn are involved with hamas and the muslim brotherhood... you can continue to bash beck without watching him first.
  10. give me vtec

    give me vtec Active Member

    here i will make it easy...

    see for yourself... the cspan coverage of the proof starts at about 59 seconds.
  11. professor

    professor Active Member

    I don't think Beckitis was around when I began to learn about the elete and their plans to destroy America and bring about a "New world order" (their term) of international servitude.
    The constitution stands squarely in their way and I am very glad for guys like Beck who expose the structure of lies that we are dealing with.

    I have seen Beck a couple of times, can't fault him politically.
    He is controversial on the other web sites I frequent because he has begun to mix mormonisim into some of what he says.
    Much like Oprah W. has become a mouthpiece for new age religion (hinduisim with a Macco paint job).

    This youtube clip of GB is in my favorite list (very funny, done after the gift Zero gave the tea party)
  12. SimpleSimon

    SimpleSimon Active Member

    My, you are an angry little man, aren't you? Sorry to disappoint you, but you don't get to dictate to me in any slightest regard - neither as to what information sources I avail myself of, or what I might have to say about anything at all.

    I have seen the interview of Beck where he clearly stated he was no analyst, nor even a pundit, but rather an entertainer. As an entertainer he made about $40 million last year, and he makes no bones about having done so by giving his audience what they want. In that, he was far more honest than the majority of the so-called "political analysts" out there, who just lie for their money - on every side of any political/social question.

    I hope you are watching your blood cholesterol and blood pressure. It would be a shame to pop a blood vessel at your age.

    As I said, I do not watch any of the so-called abalysts at all regularly - I look at occasional video clips as being sources of humor, not information. In point of fact, I do exercise due diligence as regards subjects of serious interesty to myself, and when I speak as regards a factual subject, I do so on the basis of such due diligence. Nor have I "excoriated" anyone at all. That you should so perceive my eremark as such says much (none of it good) about you.

    When I make an off-the-cuff remark, such as the one I addressed to professor, it is just that - off-the-cuff. A joking comment. It is a shame you are so tightly wound as to be unable to recognize humor - if you were not, you'd see the humor in Beck's commentaries as well.

    So, there you go again, assuming you know anything at all substantive about me on the basis of a few words said in light-hearted jest. True, I am equally guilty of making assumptions about you based on your own words, but then such is justified - I am merely holding up a mirror before you, and the hypocrisy you see is your own.

    Well, just for your information, if I wanted to "bash Beck", I'd do so without your condescension.

    As for why those three are involved with one another, or some other group, it is fairly obvious. They are all political *****s, and dishonest ones at that (like the vast majority of such). Which is why I appreciate Beck - he makes no real secret that he is in the entertainment business for the money and the perks. The pity is that so many fail too accept his own statements that he is an entertainer.

    I watched that rather carefully edited together video pastiche in its entirety. I'm pretty sure you do not see in it what I see in it - which is proof of the strength of our social system. One which can permit such open hate and vitriol to be spewed on the grounds of our national capitol, because it truly represents a tiny fringe of society.

    What it also shows is the power of demagoguery, and as I have previously said demagoguery is the enemy of freedom, the enemy of thought. It doesn't matter if the demagogue spews lies and hate or truth and reason - if he uses the tools and techniques of the demagogue, he/she is the enemy of humanity.
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  13. SimpleSimon

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    Fair enough.

    I had seen that video clip from Beck's show before, and found it fairly hilarious - he was in grand form as an entertainer that day.

    As for the "New World Order", one only need recall the words of George H. W. Bush on that topic. He made no secret whatsoever of the intent, and the bush-baby followed right in the tracks daddy put his feet to.
  14. professor

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    So Beck is more honest than the mainstream pundits who do not admit to being "Entertainers"?
    Since the mainstream are also dispensers of political information? Or is that actually "Propaganda"

    But back to the internet. See any legal pretext to controlling it?
  15. give me vtec

    give me vtec Active Member

    lol... angry? seldom room for any real anger in my life. it just irritates me when people that don't watch beck call him a conspiricist... or clown... or whatever. I think if you have an opinion about beck, you should watch him. I don't care if people agree with him, but those who bash should watch him first for a couple of weeks, research what he says, then make an opinion. isnt that what an intelligent person does? to be honest I expected more out of you

    i just think you should dig a little deeper before making a snap judgement. if nothing else from this conversation remember this... the media will tell you who they are most afraid of by the severity and longevity of their attacks.

    just to let you know... my blood preasure is good and so is my blood sugar. good of you to take concern with my health ;)
  16. GearNut

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    Ooooohhhhhh Kaaaayyyyyyy!
    As for the OP's question:
  17. SimpleSimon

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    Yes. The usual "In the public interest".

    Of course, it is already a controlled environment, with controlled access and controls on what material one may legally post and/or access.

    There is no such thing as unfettered freedom in any endeavor or area of life. By the nature of man as a social animal there cannot be such.
  18. SimpleSimon

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    vtec, I do not listen to speeches. I do not invite propagandists into my mind. Modern "political commentary" and modern political speech is, virtually without exception, demagoguery designed to elicit emotional responses and thus shape opinion and belief by base appeals, at the expense of reasoned response.

    I read transcripts of speeches and commentary very, very frequently - with an extremely critical eye and a mindset of skepticism. I believe there is near universal truth in the old adage that if you want to know if a politician is lieing, watch his face - if his mouth is moving, he is lieing.

    In my opinion, Glenn Beck is a comedian masquerading as a political commentator, just as Jon Stewart is a political commentator masquerading as a comedian. Both are demagogues, and I pay essentially zero attention to the verbal gymnastics of either one.