shoulf i put my 66cc kit on a mtm or a beach cruiser?

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    hello, i am ordering a 66cc motor kit from in a few days. i have wrote this guy on craigslist about his beach cruiser. its really nice, clean, needs new tubes and pedals! its a 22in and i asked the brand and he said the only thing it said was kahhuna. does anyone know of that? so anyways its really nice and he wants 50$ no problem. now im thinking should i go with a mtb because i may do some off roading and its going to snow soon so i thought i can put around in the snow and do some burnouts. should i get the beach cruiser or a mtb? thanks and has anyone bought from that website?

    ps: excuse my grammer, im tired

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  2. fetor56

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    off roading/burnouts................MTB(and don't worry about your grandmar)
  3. Mountainman

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    that beach cruiser looks familiar

    that motor THING should work with either type of bicycle

    you just need to get that sprocket onto rear wheel...

    you won't be doing any big burn outs
    unless you wish to stand next to your MB and hold the bars
    and that sure does tear up those tire THINGS
    that's kind of silly...

    once you have one have fun as you ride that THING
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    The steering on some MTBs is very quick, making 20+ mph cruising very twitchy.
    On the other hand, MTBs have much stronger brakes.

    I have a 48cc two stroke on my Univega Alpina.
    I don't think my my rear wheel would hold up if I tried some tough trails.
    It does well on dirt roads. Cheers
  5. I personally love mountain bikes.
    But i have many customers that live the beach cruisers.
    I'm all about best bang for buck .
    so if you want a Beach cruiser here is a nice one from Wal-Mart .free ship to store for $80.
    I would not buy a used bike when you could spend another $20 and your able to return it trouble free.

    hope this helps