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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Pablo, Dec 23, 2011.

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    A little story about package theft. Happened to us. Duvall, WA Between 12:27 PM and 6:00 PM last Friday. UPS Standard Ground.

    Long story short, on 12/12/11 I ordered some ammo for $113 from Sportsman's Guide dot com and like an idiot I just assumed the order was slow and UPS was slow - all because of Christmas, so 12/22 I looked up the tracking number. OOPS - delivered LAST Friday (12/16). Arggg - this is not going to go well. Normally someone is always here. I even had some business shipments delayed so they would not arrive that Friday. But this delivery sorta slipped my mind. The ONE time we weren't here.

    Extra details: Came home last Sunday (12/18) (left Friday AM) from Stevenson, WA (Skamania, about 3.5 hours south) and Christmas decorations from the lawn and such messed up. Hooligans. Didn't think much deeper about it other than ask our pet sitter if she knew anything. Our house watcher/pet sitter said she saw the decorations tossed on the drive and set them off to the side. Nothing else amiss according to her. No packages on the porch, brought newspapers in. Fed cat, and all rodents, etc. She noted she has seen other Christmas stuff disturbed at other houses.

    I reported it to UPS, naturally they say the shipper should start a claim. Called Sportsman's Guide - and guess what - they will reship the order, no hesitation - NO CHARGE. That company just keeps re-earning my business. They are top notch. I've had a couple good interchanges with their CS in the past. Their catalogs and stuff seem a bit cheezy and some of their stuff may be a bit cheap, but they are a TOP COMPANY. I say give them some business, this is honorable behavior IMHO.

    I called Duvall PD, he came right away, told the officer the story. He was interested in the ammo. The cop was kinda funny and very cool - I told him about Sportsman's Guide re-sending the order, he exclaimed "SWEET!!" with a big smile. Neighbors, etc. saw nothing.

    Watch those packages - now I read stories about thieves following delivery trucks in residential areas!