shouted at and push off the road by a man in a white van

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    Today I was riding down a street, a couple of streets from my house and a man walking his dog comes up to me almost pushing me of my bike yelling "get off that thing,get it off the road". So i just rode off later when I rode past his house again he was pulling out of his driveway in a white van and he stoped and started yelling at me. So i slowed down to see where he was going and he turned around and started chasing me so I just gased it and was thinking of a getaway run. I rode fullball up a road clos by and he chased up to me and pushed me onto the right side of the road and onto the grass. I had no where to go so I stop and he stop right beside me. He started yelling at me like "I have a sick wife and I dont like the noice and that he will call up the cops and report me and get them on to me".
    There was a lady standing near by and heard the lot and when he was done YELLING at me I looked at her and she just waved her head.
    I told this to my neighbour and he said i should ring up the cops and report him for running me of the road and chasing me as I didn't do anything to him first,and he said next time I see him I should let him have the finger. I am going to ring up the cop by I am going to drive by and get his house number and his van plates.


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    Your going to get this all the time from overly aggressive people so better get use to it.Put yourself in others positions & IF your going to make excessive noise or go to excessive speeds do it with no-one around.
    He was wrong to go crazy at u,your not responsible for his sick wife nor did u know about it(IF indeed that is the case)..........the fart should have known better.
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    that is true but i had the bike clutched rolling down the hill, I have rang up the cops and they are coming around to talk to me and go and see the man.
  4. Happy Valley

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    Yeah, well this story seems incomplete. Your profile says you're 13, what did your folks say when you told them this? You did tell them, right? If you were threatened I'm sure they want to get to the bottom of it and have the police investigate the whole story.
  5. Pablo

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    Yeah, I'll bet if you were an adult, Mr. Brave Guy wouldn't have tried that. I would however quiet the bike down, just to be on the safe side when the investigation starts.

    What are your parents saying?
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    did you tell your dad what happened ???
    I would think that he may have a LOT to say to this guy...

    seems like it's your father's call
    to call the pooolice or not ?

    to remember
    one's that have shone their true self's such as this guy
    may even get worse with time
    we don't want you to be run over or beat up by him

    two THINGS that should be done
    #1 -- tell your dad what happened
    #2 -- DO NOT ride by that guys house -- must be other ways to travel

    as you ride that MB THING
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    4wdingman, that guy is just an alpha-male wannabe, trying to hate on you and have power over you because he is OLD, and you are young and 13. I get stuff like that myself from jerks often, because I'm 26 years old but to some, they think I still look 18. Just because he doesn't like the noise, doesn't mean he has any right to mess with you!

    Anyone else like him that does that, say loudly in clear words YOU HAVE NO AUTHORITY OVER ME!!!! Go tell your parents about this "predator" that was stalking you in his van. Other people will try to use your age to their advantage, so USE IT TO YOUR ADVANTAGE.

    **** It is ILLEGAL for some old man to be following a young 13 year old boy down the road in a van, and run him off the road and harrass him. He seriously deserves arrest and/or jail time!!! **** At least, get a restraining order on him if else!!!!

    If I was your parents, I would immediately call the cops and report the neighbor/predator that was harrasing you, because I would NEVER let some jerk do that to my 13 year old son! I hope your parents care enough to do the same for you!

    You are allowed to ride your bike on the residential street, just like anyone else can ride a motorcycle, go-kart or loud car. In my neighborhood, there are LOTS of loud ATV's, Go-Karts, Dirtbikes, Gas Golf-Carts, and other toys that ride down the road, and no one calls the police for that nonsense.

    Show your parents my forum post, I'M NOT KIDDING! What this man did was WRONG and ILLEGAL and he deserves to pay and be responsible for his actions like an adult!

    Best of Luck,
  8. Pablo

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    I agree with most of what you write, but to keep this real, this is NOT true where I live.

    A 13 year old can't legally ride a MC on the street. Go karts aren't legal in any form. And we have noise restrictions on cars as do most municipalities.

    But the whitevanjerk IS not that law!!
  9. Mountainman

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    someone got a little lost there
    because -- no place in the US that I have ever heard of

    let's a 13 year old ride anyTHING with a motor on the streets

    I got caught on a Honda 50 at the age of around 14 riding on the street -- fast ticket received

    that's just the way it is as we ride those MB THINGS
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  10. ZnsaneRyder

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    Sorry you got a ticket for that when you were 14, that really sucks.

    I'm NOT lost, as you just heard of my Lakeland FL neighborhood in the US that does allow it. In my neighborhood is a private residential neighborhood. I've watched kids ride go-karts & ATV's on the streets for years, and have always wanted one as an example. Also, I lived in the city of Starke FL before that, and nobody bothered the kids riding on Go-Karts there either! If it's illegal that some city maintained residential neighborhoods don't allow this, then I apologize and understand, but when you see motorized stuff that's NOT a motorized bike riding up and down streets often, you would imagine that it's allowed, and even if it wasn't, it's stupid for some grumpy jerk to be bullying and being a predator to a 13 year old boy! If a cop sees the boy, and pulls him over, that's one thing, as the cops job is to see something and take care of it. However, that neighbor guy is not the law, and for him to go after someone makes him a predator. Not a sexual predator, just a predator driving a white van and putting a 13yr old minor in serious danger! What if 4wdingman went under the van? Then we wouldn't be even reading his post!
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  11. Mountainman

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    ok -- I got you ZnsaneRyder

    the ticket at 14 was not that big a deal
    don't do the crime if you can't do the time
    and I knew I was taking a risk of getting caught

    guilty Mountainman here of not paying attention -- I guess

    facts are -- 13 year olds CAN NOT RIDE on public roads or highways

    I also live on a private (couple of miles dirt riding road)

    sure -- we can do whatever we wish here -- we own it
    kids and grown ups ride all kinds of THINGS up and down the road (fast and slow)
    dogs are not kept in their yards -- run all over the place
    try to stay to ourselfs -- don't call the pooolice much up here
    we call it -- country living

    ride that thing
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  12. ZnsaneRyder

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    Thanks Pablo. I want to keep it real, and I want 4wdingman to get justice, and stop being harrassed by that man! That stinks, but after some research, I find it has to be a private community like mine, to allow minors riding gas toys, and in city areas it can be enforced, thanks for the heads up!

    I'm so sick and tired of older people picking on younger people, and it's time the scores become even!
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  13. Happy Valley

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    Internet forums make lousy courtrooms.
  14. motman812

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    Don't confuse freedom with anarchy. Violating laws, fleeing the police and making a nuisance of one's self does not advance either the personal or the collective agenda of the rest of the MB riders. No wonder other private citizens are outraged and the law makers make it harder to ride a MB. Please, let's start using our God given brains.
  15. ZnsaneRyder

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  16. ZnsaneRyder

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    Nothing like that in this thread was mentioned, please explain?

    We need to use our God-Given Brains to think for ourselves.
  17. MotorMac

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    Old man

    Sounds like the old guy just lost his cool and was at his breaking point,we don,t know how sick his wife is and what kind of problems he,s having at home. Best is just to leave it and take it as experience and knowing to stay away from that house from now on.
    If he ever lays a finger on you or attempts to run you down again then yes call the cops, but for now I would drop it and leave it be.
  18. HoughMade

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    That guy sure got crazy...but first and formost- just stay away from his house and his street.
  19. motman812

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    Gran Torino

    Life is imitating art at
  20. I can tell I have some neighbors that think less of my bikes but I have just as many that think what I have is way cool. If I ever have anyone try to endanger my life you better believe they will get a confrontation.