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    IMG_20160227_140608.jpg TIRED OF SEEING THE SAME OLD "Chinese 2 stroke kit bikes"??

    Above is my intake scoop, 4.5"x2.5 opening narrows to approximately 2x2 at air filter
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    that's cool man. I wish I had to tools to make some of the ideas I have for different motor mounts and stuff. Did you fabricate the little box as well? Is it just for storage?

    How's that boost bottle workin out for ya? I have one but could not for the life of me get it to run right with it on. Tried NT carb HP carb and even messed with the needle clip setting on the NT with no luck. It just always acted like I had some kind of vacuum leak. I actually am using the exact same carb you have pictured there. With the bottle off it runs fine, put it on and not so much.
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    Yes, the box is a battery box. I used to have a tool wish list, now the only tool on the list is a metal lathe. Below is a tensioner that I made IMG_20160327_194616.jpg IMG_20160327_194616.jpg IMG_20160403_093106.jpg Never had a problem with the boost bottle
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    i went water cooled for a while...



    wow, that was ages ago!
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    This is a subject I've thought about a lot, do you have any more pics? How well did it work for you? Any significant difference?
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    seriously high compression, used ngk with the longer "e" thread... went pretty good, despite having no pump (thermo-siphon). that was an issue though. start up from cold, and it would circulate, pull over and stop for a few minutes (like going into the shops) and it must have started boiling and gotten vapor lock... would start spitting steam out.
    there was one night i recall, it started boiling over, and at some point i stuck my finger over the T-piece i had stuck in the line... it started condensing in the radiator (from a PC), lowered the pressure in the system so my finger was sucked onto the fitting, and it worked really well then, sort of closed loop flash boiler and condenser! sat at a nice 80 or so degrees C.

    tried making a pump to squeeze over the magneto, sort of worked but needed more drive? used tiny neo magnets from a DVD player rather than mess with seals... re drew it to take a seal with a hex in the impeller for direct drive, and then my mill started having issues. only just re-scraped the mill, thinking about finishing the thing off again now. considered trying a pulse driven fuel pump instead but yesh...thats about it. also the hose i used was a was lying around, couldnt hack the heat too well.

    probably the only other pic i have still...
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    On my winter vacation, I took a run at a boost bottle replacement technology; adding fuel injection and blower to my already powerful HT 66.



    The idea is to add more power at normal rpms at times such as uphill or in the wind, without the usual performance boost made by mods that gain power out of higher rpms. The blower is activated at full throttle by pressing the grip button usually assigned as a kill switch. In this test setup, more fuel mix can be added through a mist nozzle ahead of the carburetor by squeezing the plastic bottle attached to top of the gas tank. As suggested earlier in a forum member post, this particular carburetor, a stock version of the CNS, could easily be isolated to equalize to blower pressure with a couple of feet of aquarium tubing from Walmart. By equalizing the pressure, the fuel keeps flowing even when blower pressure is applied to the carburetor intake. This feature was tested and a interesting observation is there was no noticeable change in exhaust. As might have been expected, adding pressure to the carb intake did not blow unburned gas through the 2 cycle motor.
    As for adding a mist of fuel to the pressurized air ahead of the carb, that move is something like sex. Tests like that are best left to the professionals. Do not try it at home. Finding the nutcracker top bar is enough to worry about. Besides, with a bike brand name like Landrider; they probably expect you to keep the wheels on the ground. I did not fully test this setup after thinking up a safer alternative. Police did a go around for a second look at my bike. Tests in this direction would have to be discrete as the horsepower could be challenged.
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    Wow! That's some serious tinkering.
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