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  1. thescooterguy

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    hi everyone ! i just wanted to share my journey with everyone , i am riding the tw bents tadpole to Boise Idaho from Portland to raise money for shriners children's hospital ,the first leg of my journey was to travel from Gladstone to ocean park Washington to see Augie the golden eagle rep for a spare belt and a system check up , i left Gladstone at about 2pm and made it to seaside by 7pm , spent the night in seaside , then off to ocean park Washington to see Augie , here are some pics of the tadpole at a few road signs and a map outlining the way i went , i will try to update this as i go , on my shriners page at
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  2. Pablo

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    Wow awesome!! Nice ride. All by your lonesome?
  3. thescooterguy

    thescooterguy Member

    yep all by myself , but i am having a blast , not lonesome at all , i'm at augies house right now in ocean park washington , he hooked me up with an extra belt and a little bit bigger drive sprocket , we went on a ride last night , there were 4 of us on the road for a short ride ,
  4. Pablo

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    Cool - I just meant I hoped there would be others for the charity ride. OP is a hoot that's for sure and good luck on the ride!!
  5. thescooterguy

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    if anyone does want to hook up for all or part of the ride the best time to do that will be on Thursday the 13th at latus motors in Gladstone Oregon , the Harley Davidson shop . I'm leaving in the am not sure exactly what time yet , but that would be a great place to hook up i plan on making it to bend Oregon in one day . if there are any motored bikers in bend that would like company for the night let me know , if things go as planned i should be rolling into bend in the early evening on the 13th , then to Vail on the 14th to see that town , and a shoe tree .
  6. quay1962

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    what a great day!

    We had such a blast today! Wen't by Augi's today and ran into Jerry (scooterguy) we putted to the store a few times and had a wonderful day.. here are a couple of cool pics, and it goes to show you that Augi is all about "safety first"! We all wondered how Jerry made it here from Gladstone Oregon without a mirror...? so Augi hooked him up with a mirror that uncle punk 13 had given him once for obviously just such an occasion:whistling:? The tourists seemed a little unruly today, which prompted the mirror addition since this one impatient driver couldn't wait 5 seconds before her turn that she was awful close to scooterguy and then she preceded to wait for Augi to pass and flipped him off! Just goes to show you foolios with no respect..:annoyed:
    We had a great BBQ as always...and Kevin and Augi are wonderful hosts as always...:detective: see pic of awesome fire lol...nice to meet you bro and I am sure we will run into each other again sometime..Kudos and good luck on all your endeavors!!!:cool2::helmet:

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  7. Mountainman

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    be careful out there on the road Jerry
    great ride for a great cause
    I like THINGS like this
    many blessings sent from MM up top the mountain
  8. thescooterguy

    thescooterguy Member

    thanks mountainman , safty first , and quay1962 , lilie . you are lots of fun , it was nice to meet you and ride with one of the few female mbc members , i had a blast .
  9. augidog

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    you, my friend, are one hardcore rider!!

    what a blast getting to know you, and learning more about your charitable efforts...right now you're heading south off the peninsula...we all wish you well, and hope to hear later that you've arrived home right-side-up :cool2:

    quay, i was reading your post and reliving the tailgating cager story...i just thought of something...i wonder, when we hand-signal a right turn do peeps think we're flipping them off? too funny.

    keve escorting scooterguy in

    checkin' out the pics

    jerry kicked all our butts!
    (we let him win ;))

    and, thank you for servicing that 49cc & giving it a clean bill of health...maybe now i can find a home for it.
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  10. thescooterguy

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    i made it back to Gladstone just fine made the full trip in 7 hours , i had a great ride home , stopped a few times one for lunch another time for gas and a nice lady named Deana payed to fill my tank . .75cents , very nice lady , i gave her a sticker . Augie gave me a stack to hand out . here are a few pics and a short vid , o ya and a biker and his babe past me on the highway with a very nice chrome trailer from Texas , she was videoing me as they passed me , would be funny if i maneged to get ahold of that one somehow... they gave me the thumbs up and sped off
  11. Pablo

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    Just beautiful. That's all I can say.
  12. thescooterguy

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    theres more i will share the pics as i get them ...thanks pablo
  13. thescooterguy

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    OK , its Wednesday . one day to go till i take off again , donations are slow , here is the link to my trip log and the donation button , when i get home i will be presenting a check to shriners children's hospital from all the riders at so even it you cant give you can still pm your friends and ask them to get involved , lets rally together and make something happen . if we all just gave $5.00 what a difference we can make , pay pal does take some but other than that 100 percent will go to shriners children's hospital . i promise . you will see documentation from shriners at the top of the log page , it would be nice to make this an annual thing , every group should have a cause , and shriners is deserving of our help . if your children need anything shriners is there , and they dont accept money from patients ,
  14. augidog

    augidog New Member

    'wish you godspeed, brother...& you'll have it so long as you're paying it forward...

    you have my contact info, so anything you need to keep rolling is but a "general delivery" away...i'm betting you'll be fine, tho, the trike's in great shape!

    thanks for the pics of rt. 4, now i'm really excited to run it. how was that bridge at longview?
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  15. thescooterguy

    thescooterguy Member

    the bridge was a piece of cake , nothing like the 4 mile astoria bridge .
  16. beach cruzin

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    I had a good time meeting you and talking with ya and ridin with ya. You meet some the coolest people on a motoredbike.
    You a great guy riding for a great cause i wish all the best.
    Be safe and keep the rubber on the road:helmet:
  17. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member

    hope that Jerry does not mind that I put this here

    come on now motor biking friends

    this is what is know up top the mountain as a great cause

    even if one donates just a little -- that is a little in the right direction

    may God bless our rider on this mission
  18. augidog

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    just so ya know he made it.

    i had a few seconds with jerry on the phone, he is in boise...said something about buying a new tube & he'd be in touch later...we'll prolly get some internet from him this evening...way to go, 'Scooterguy!
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  19. thescooterguy

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    thanks mountain man . its hard to rally support while I'm on the road , i got into Boise today just fine , my trip this far has been great , i didn't leave Gladstone till 10;30 am Thursday , i had to have my neighbor fix my sideview mirror , i broke it off getting the tadpole through my bedroom door , its as good as new now , i made it to bend via hwy 224 midpoint Detroit lake , i back tracked ten miles there to breitenbush hot springs for a quick dip and lunch , then back on the road through sisters and on into bend i made it by 8' just before dark . Friday morning i was on the road by 9;00 am the longest leg of my journey 250 miles to Vail , and a switch to mountain time turn clock ahead one hour i was in vale at 9'30pm a little night riding not much ... the hotel in Vail was only $40.00 on the way to Vail i had a deer run across the road 15feet in front of me . had to hit the breaks , the deer looked scared , lol.... a few miles further i had a duck fly out of the grass on the right of me , he flew just ahead and to the right of me for about 30 yards then crossed in front of me and flew off to the left , he didn't signal , lol.... the road went on and on , with awesome views , water, mountains, desert, ... absolutely no mechanical problems . i have crossed Oregon starting at the NW corner and down to the SE corner into Idaho , three states , Washington , Oregon , Idaho, from here i am very close to nevada and California , i dont know we will see what happens
    my welcome to Idaho came when i stopped after crossing the snake river at the welcome to Idaho sign , i pushed the tadpole into the grass in front of the sign and took a picture , got on and continued my ride , about two miles down the road i noticed a pull to the left , looked down one flat tire on the left , got off and noticed the right one going flat too. no problem , i packed a spare 20 inch tube and a patch kit . the new tube was defective , so had to patch both , while doing that two pedal bikers stopped , they were heading into Portland , there eta was next Thursday , i told them that i had made it from Portland in two days , they were impressed , off they went . i fixed my Flatt's and took off , the rear tire had a slow leek also . if your riding in the desert , stay out of the grass , the weeds have very strong thorns , i will get puncture proof tubes before i continue on. i had to buy a disposable camera in Vail i think i left my camera at a stop 17 miles before vale , i might borrow my brothers car tomorrow to go try and find it , there are some priceless pictures in there , i will get the pics from this disposable camera developed soon and post them ,
  20. MotorBicycleRacing

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    good work, i donated some to your cause