shwinn high ten? HT fit?

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    Just picked up a shwinn high ten steel frame (china) donor frame. any body heard of this model? My question is will a 80 cc Ht motor fit in thta frame? it looks smaller with a larger diam upswept down tube. I also have a huffy cruiser that I know will fit (really rusyt everything will need work) but the shwinn looks more interesting. thanks..........................skip

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    It'll probably work. But you'll likely need to modify the mount for that oversized downtube. Search "motor mount" (try a few variations) and you're bound to see some good ideas.

    Sorry I can't be more specific. I'm not familiar with that model of bike. But unless it's a bike made for little kids, then the HT must fit one way or other.

    good luck and have fun
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    will a 70cc happy times fit this frame?

    Hi folks!
    Maybe you foks can save me some time. Before I start sanding , painting, buying bearings and other parts while I await my motor, I was wondering if sombody could measure thier HT 70 cc and let me know if I can use this donor frame. The frame opening height from the bottom of the V to the top of the frame is 13 inches. The width at it s widest point ( the top) between the swept downtube and the seat post part of the frame is also about 13 inches. Midway up the V the width is 7.5 inches. Here is a picture in case anybody recognizes the frame or what model it is.
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    hmmm....i cant say for certain whether it will or wont, but here's a pic that might help.

    i ran a tape midway up the engine (where the mid point of the frame opening might be). if you have 7 inches, that may not be enough. from the front of the jug, to the rear of air intake was a little over 8 inches.

    try it. the worst that can happen is that it wont fit.

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    I have to eat my last words; me prediction that it would likely fit.
    ....munch, munch.....yuk......

    I'm about as sure as anything that 13 inches vertical is not enough.

    Huffy's are junk in many peoples' opinion. But this does NOT mean that they are not usable. I suppose the biggest weakness is that they do need to be treated gently. But that's not so bad. They're up-front cost is practically zero. Maintenance is practically zero. After all, if you need, say, a new bearing, chances are you can find one right in your neighborhood in the garbage.

    The only thing I can see that would stop me is the time necessary to clean it all up and repaint it, etc. You can have a brand new Huffy that would be fine for the job for $100.00 today. If you were willing to shop around a bit, then you'd likely find it for $70.00.