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    We now offer a high quality ball valve which simply replaces the supplied leaky/easily broken HT gas tank valve. Price is $9.95. It's a couple bucks more than the Chinese one, but this is a very solid valve with a firm feel when switching. Comes assembled with 1/4" barb, so you can use good 1/4" fuel line to the fuel filter.

    Sickbikeparts Products and Accessories

    See our other accessories as well. Shipping is inexpensive and with a Shifter Kit, accessories add nothing to the S&H.

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    New Gears In!!

    The new 9 and 11 tooth gears have arrived and are ready to ship.

    For those of you with Shifter Kits who have steep hills, off road, etc:


    To add some top end capability:

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  3. Pablo

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    3 more items coming from Sick Bike Parts.

    3 more items coming from Sick Bike Parts.

    The first two are two tools from Park. Both are very helpful for the Shift Kit installation. Bulk buys allow us to offer these at good prices. Made in the USA.

    Park CT-5 Chain Tool w/instructions
    Park CCP-2 Crank Extractor w/instructions

    Next is an idea that I've been running for awhile now. Teflon coated clutch cable. The simplest, quickest way to make your clutch activation really smooth easy. Heavy Duty TEFLON coated 1.6mm cable only, 1.7 meters long, just pull the old cable out and slip this one in, use your existing clamp end, carefully cut the cable and crimp the supplied cap on.

    $12.95 for the chain tool, $10.95 for the crank tool and $3.69 for the cool cable and cap.

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    Pablo! An excellent post!

    You're clearly seeking to improve the HT accessories, and it looks like you're getting rolling. Thanks.

    Too bad a spammer got in here.

    To CmmBinooo: go away
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    I hardly know you. What is TPL?
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    Whatz next from you guys.....I don't get it, are you purposely not selling some HT replacement stuff like tanks and caps and hardware and pistons?
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    We really aren't into sourcing stuff from China, nor are we looking to sell direct replacement stuff that is exactly the stuff that breaks in the first place. Pistons? Custom pistons? Interesting.

    Next? I just took pictures of the new synthetic freewheel oil bottles for our web page. I made a batch yesterday. Fun to spend the months designing and testing this lube, pretty much a labor of love to make (that = PITA!!!). Needed to find a good source for dispenser bottles. Test the heck out of how I will pack for shipping (with out blowing oil all over) and still do it for the Priority Mail method. Decide on a good price and go. I have no personal life right now:cry::cool::D
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    the old Mountainman has been around machinery for a while now

    I LIKE THAT IDEA -- teflon coated cables

    sure makes it nice when we wish to --

    Ride That Thing Mountainman
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    Yo Pablo. I don't know if this is a good place to ask or not, but do you know if your freewheels will thread onto the left side of the Grubee HD Hub? I'm thinking I've got a bearing going bad on their HD Hub, and thought it might be a good idea to switch to your heavy duty version of the freewheel while I'm messin' with it. If it matches up.
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    Don't quote me on this but I think the threads will be backwards. Ours use right hand threads and I believe the ones on the left side of the bike use left hand threads. Also I think the freewheel mechanism will be backwards as well. It will just freewheel when power is applied, would bump start the engine though.
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    I like the teflon coated cable idea a lot. My question is, can the cable be had in longer lengths? I have an application I need a 7' cable for.

    As an aside, I've dealt with cables for over 40 years, since the activating mechanism on my artificial arm uses a stainless cable in a stainless spring wound housing to transmit pulling force to the appliance to open it (or to close it, in one gadget I built). I've fought the inevitable wear on cables for years, and long ago started fabricating my own replacement cables when I manage to yank an end off by pulling too hard. I've used plumbers teflon thread tape successfully for over 20 years - I just tightly spiral wrap the cable before sliding it into the housing. An actual liquid teflon coating that soaks into and sets on the cable surface is a great idea.
  12. Pablo

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    We buy the longest we can find. I would love to get a spool of the teflon coated cable, but can't seem to find it by the spool.