Sick Bike Parts and GasBike.. I F***ing Quit

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    I'd say I have more missing or incorrect parts than I should for a project like this.

    GasBike: Wrong sized bolts for transmission, engine mount, and a handful of nuts and washers that don't fit any of the provided hardware. The engine mount itself was poorly made, the cutouts for the frame were beyond bad. No key for the clutch.. Of all things.. No screws to mount the transmission cover. Not a single piece of paper to reference to. They won't return my emails and the only time they picked up the phone was weeks ago when I called to ask for a shipping number.

    Sick Bike Parts: Where to begin.. I probably have more missing parts or wrong parts from SBP than I do GasBike. Nearly every screw/bolt/nut/washer was the incorrect size for anything. I used my own bolts washers and nuts for 90% of what's assembled from them so far, which is just a shift kit and bottom bracket adapter. I tried assembling the front freewheel, but got far too frustrated and gave up when literally nothing fit. Even separately the nuts were all either too big or way too small for the provided bolts and I once again had nothing left that would fit (I'm aware that 5 are meant to be used as spacers, it doesn't change the fact that the others were the complete wrong size). I called them but apparently their weekday hours are 5pm-7pm.. So I left a message about the issue and decided to see if I could do anything else. Maybe something going right will boost my confidence in this project. I went to install the jump stop chain guard and it's miles too short.

    There is now an unfinished MAB in my basement that I can't stand the sight of.

    Overall Rating and Final Comments:

    GasBike 4/10
    Their stuff is okay, I wouldn't recommend it however. Some missing/incorrect parts. Slow shipping. They don't seem to care about the customer. It's hard to be too critical however, I already knew that GasBike wasn't great.

    Sick Bike Parts 3/10
    I'm not sure why people recommend these guys. Their instructions weren't all that helpful. Most, if not all of the mounting hardware provided was completely the wrong size. Either their hours are a joke or they genuinely never answer the phone and their website uses outdated images of their products. In all honesty, I would tell someone to harass BikeBerry about their always out of stock shift kit before I recommend ordering anything from these people. Regardless of if they're the same or which is better, I'd hope the people at BikeBerry care enough to actually provide me with the right mounting hardware. I find it appalling, honestly appalling that someone expects to be paid for blindly throwing things in a box and shipping it. I'd ask for a full refund if I could also get one for the engine kit and bike I ordered. At this point I'd much rather just buy a motoped than invest any more of my time into this project because of how frustrating it has become.

    There's always an outlier for highly rated sources, looks like this time it's me.
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    Did you read the shift kit instructions?
    Apparently not.
    I have built 52 shifters in total, 2-stroke, 4-stroke & electric), all the parts were from SBP and all were perfect.

    They require skill to assemble right.
    I give Sick Bike Parts a 10 out of 10 rating.
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    Wow... Just wow... How many wrong bolts can a person receive in one sitting?

    Me thinks kc is on to something about skill...

    Edit: Oh yeah checking the poster's account it would appear 5 days prior to posting this thread he didn't even know what kit to buy from sbp...
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    A shift kit is not something a rookie should start with, it requires special tools and some hand tool mating the engine to the shift kit, and there just is not that many bolts!

    Just read the instructions and follow along. Manual001 Rev A.pdf

    Every bolt has it's place and it's tricky to do.
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    He needs the 4 stroke version but I think he quit a long time ago anyway, last seen October of last year...