For Sale Sick Bike Parts freewheel kit w/White freewheel

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by An Aussie in Germany, Jul 29, 2015.

  1. Hi guys, I have in addition to the Staton gearbox (see other thread) I am also selling my Sike Bike Parts freewheel kit. It comes with a high quality White freewheel and a freewheel removal tool, a 206mm bottom bracket, 36 (primary) and 44 tooth (driveside) chainrings and is already pre-assembled. Works really well to give extra clearance for a mid mounted Honda GXH50 engine. This kit can either be combined with a left side mounted Staton gearbox eliminating the need for a jackshaft system, or can be combined with a different gearbox using a jackshaft arrangement.

    Here's a list of everything that's included:

    1 x Bottom Bracket Cartridge 206mm (SBP-BBCT06)
    1 x Crank Dust Caps (SBP-CDC001)
    1 x HD Freewheel Removal Tool for HD freewheel (SBP-HDFWT1)
    1 x Freewheel Adapter (SBP-FWA001)
    1 x Jump Stop (SBP-JS001)
    Seat Tube Diameter 1.375 inches
    1 x Chain Guard for 44 and 48 Tooth Chainring (SBP-FWCG044)
    1 x Chainring - Freewheel - 36 Tooth (SBP-CR036)
    1 x Chainring - Freewheel - 44 Tooth (SBP-CR044)
    1 x Chainring Hardware (SBP-CRK001)
    1 x Cranks - Freewheel Crank Set (SBP-CS023)
    1 x Front Freewheel - Heavy Duty (SBP-HDFW)

    I have decided to sell the gearbox because I now live in Germany and motorised biking is not allowed here and these rules are heavily enforced. The kit and all of its pieces are in good condition and were only used for 100 kilometres of riding. I can ship to the US or within Europe. Here's some photos:




    I paid $200USD for all the above parts and will sell for $100USD including postage. If you are interested, leave a reply and I'll create a listing. Cheers.