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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by redpiper777, May 13, 2009.

  1. redpiper777

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    OK who's using the Sick Bike Parts tuned pipe ? I'm thinking about ordering one but want to weigh out the pros & cons...I'm nowhere near a mechanic so after its installed how much work needs to be done to get things running smooth...Any helpwould be cool !


  2. Shadeslay

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    Cons - you'll likely have to get a rear kick stand, a little pricey "seeing most kits are $120", you might lose bottom clearance depending on the bike and how you mount it.

    Pros - a significant increase in low end torque, +3-5 max mph, the sound "can be a con for some", personally I like the sound. They do offer a silencer for it now which should help for those who like to go stealthy.

    Not much fine tuning after you have it installed, might need to check your plug again.
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  3. lordoflightaz

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    You have to go outside the box, LOL. I have a center kickstand and a ton of bottom clearance. I wrapped the whole thing along the right side of the bike. Still waiting to burn my leg on the pipe
  4. Shadeslay

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    I've seen how you mounted the pipe, very intuitive. I'm currently looking at mountain bike frames myself, I may switch my engine and parts over, so I can go disc drakes "cheaply". Depending how it mounts on the new frame I'm definitely considering how you mounted the tuned pipe. Only problem for me is I wear shorts most of the time and just the thought of burning the inside of my thigh gives me second thoughts. I've seen some with a heat shield. So I'm researching how to go about that.
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    Hey there, thanks for the info...I'm building a "boardtracker" and have a flip-up/behind the rear tire style kickstand so thats not a problem and I'm pretty sure the clearance isnt a problem....As far as fine tuning goes, other than checking the plug is it true that the length of a section of the pipe might have to be changed ? See the problem that I have is that this is my frst MB build and I'm not sure of how these tuned pipes work....Not much of a mechanic although I do tend to do a good deal of trouble shooting and more often than not find the problem and fix it...
  6. bluegoatwoods

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    Rigging up a heat shield for a lordoflight type install shouldn't be too hard. But I suppose it'll bring up leg clearance issues.
  7. lordoflightaz

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    Red, just adding it helps.

    I did have to cut mine but that was to make up for the extra inch I added for the extra 45 degree connector.

    RE: heat shield Since I have not yet managed to even rub up against the exhaust I probably am ok on space for a heat shield since that is not going to add more than 1/2 inch to the width. I am sort of tied up on another little project, that is going to have to wait. I guarantee pictures of the project any day now, since I am at the sand and paint stage.
  8. Shadeslay

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