Sick Bike Parts Update

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  1. Pablo

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    I will do this all in one thread/post so as to stay within the sponsor rules.

    First of all we will again be shipping limited quantities of Shifter Kits early next week, and the supply pipeline will fill up as the week unfolds.

    Second of all, we will begin shipping black and chrome pipes early next week and plan on having regular shipments from our suppliers to keep up with demand.

    We are in the long process of getting our current Air Filter custom molded. We should have stock of the regular size AF soon. Our dream is to have three sizes of Air Filters.

    As you can see on our site, we've added a few items and expanded our level of piece parts. We must remind people, unless an a la cart item (piece part of a kit bought individually) says it comes with hardware, it will not be supplied with hardware. Sorry if this sounds harsh, but we can't pretend to know what custom stuff folks are making. We are considering putting some of our common hardware kits on our web site, maybe just the chainring HW kit.

    We have "restructured" our Shift Kit packages and pricing. Too many people didn't want all the tools, but for sure wanted the HD freewheel. Especially people who wanted more than one deluxe kit, but obviously didn't want a bunch of the same tools. We had thought the kit with the HD Freewheel would just be too expensive. Since we added the chain tensioner to all kits, lowered the kit price, and now we take out the cost of the regular FW and add the HD FW in at a cost less than sold as an individual part, suddenly the HD kit came into a reasonable range. Please, again check out our website.

    Lastly all this stuff and all the business aspect have us quite busy. We still have the Four stroke kit in work. Our dreams are for our 4T Shifter kit to work with all the gear box providers, with only slight package differences, worst case. We can't seem to hit a schedule worth anything on this project, but it is progress and we are riding.

    Jim is getting a well deserved vacation next week, but I'll be around!



  2. Hawaii_Ed

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    Thanks for the news! Waiting for a chance to get an expansion pipe for sure! Glad I got my shiftkit before supply dried up!
  3. Pablo

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    Got Shifter kits and AF's going again. Pipes in on Monday!!!
  4. give me vtec

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