shift kit conversion assembly

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    sick bike parts has dissapointed me and wasted my hard earned cash and have refused to put my review up on their conversion assembly. their conversion assembly converts nothing at all. do not fall for this scam as I have. their hardware is the same as what you get with any down tube size as I have bought a "conversion assembly" for a larger down tube. they did not include larger clamps for my larger down tube. and the holes on the mounting plate were the same size so I could not buy larger clamps on my own. I had to take my existing clamps and shave them 1/8 of an inch on both sides to make it fit my alluminum frame from my previous steel frame.
    IT IS IN NO WAY A CONVERSION! and they are liars and cheats for calling it as such. I will be avoiding purchases with them for their failure to respond to me in my issue.