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    Managed to dig up a photo of the gear puller removal process; when you need to either replace the shaft or the jackshaft gears. This is a follow on response from someone asking about a more kind method than simply bashing the living bejesus out of the jackshaft kit with a 5 pound hammer.

    Loctite 243 has amazing holding power. If the mating surfaces were spotlessly clean during assembly and (medium strength) Loctite 243 was used to make sure the grub screws would stay in place, it can be a difficult process to remove the 17 tooth gear from the shaft, without using heat and a non impact method.

    The photo depicts a better method, but it pays to make a small indentation in the centre of the shaft (using a 4mm drill bit) so as to allow the gear puller tip a place to locate.
    Make sure you use heat to soften the Loctite; enabling easy removal of the grub screws (otherwise known as set screws) then remove the chain and use the gear puller to extract the gear from the shaft.

    This method ensures that the frame plates of the shift kit are not bent out of place by bashing the living daylights out of the shaft with a hammer.


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    Fabian having the right tool and using it in the right way can be worth its weight in gold.
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    Couldn't agree more.
    A side benefit of using the right tool in the right way is that expressive language used in the garage (when things aren't going to plan) becomes much more family friendly.