SickBikeParts Left Hand Side Chain Tensioner - long term review

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    Dang what a machine! Did you name it Mad Max? Simply amazing. Ever think of getting some of that black plastic coiling for autos to clean up those wires a little? How many forward looking lights are on that? I think I counted at least 8. At night do you scare the bejeezus outta folks coming at them? What drives the sprocket on the left side, can't see a chain hooked to it. Right near the pull start, that sprocket drives the jack shaft in the vid. Awesome mirrors, care to share where you bought those? That machine is truly a work of art, well done, carry on!................if you had to buy everything new how much to build another Mad Max? About the topic, SBP kit looks like it's quality built and your experience proves it.
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    Winkku: available in left hand and right hand mirrors, but you "MUST" purchase spare bar end attachments (known as Winkku Pro Bracket), because they are designed to break instead of breaking the mirror assembly if you have a crash, or if the bike falls on it's side: scroll down to Winkku pro Bracket:

    About $6,000 with all of the options parts, such as different cc cylinder heads, diaphragm carburettor assembly, deluxe shift kit, custom rear cassette, dual range front sprocket stack, Jaguar CDI x 2, and all the other bits and pieces, and associated time and effort in assembly to give rock solid reliability and dependability.

    With everything, including all of the trailers and accessory options, the whole kit and kaboodle adds up to around $11,000 - it's a number that still terrifies me to this day, but it's the most enjoyable and rewarding recreational pursuit that i have "ever" engaged in, and i have tried a lot of things.

    SickBikeParts does great engineering. The only thing that i could ask more of them, is to be an engine manufacturer; redesigning the engine from top to bottom, and with an integrated electronic fuel injection system, of which there are many off the shelf small engine electronic fuel injection systems available in the market place, so saying that it can't be done is no excuse.

    I have done that, but because i am always experimenting with something, i gave up on the idea of constantly undoing automotive spiral wrap, hence the untidy electrical wiring.

    There are 12 forward looking lights and 3 rearward looking lights. The uni-wheel trailer has 4 rearward looking lights.
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