Sickest build IMO- First build

Discussion in 'Photos & Bicycle Builds' started by brandonwithaB, Aug 19, 2013.

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    Mmm, shiny! :grin5:
    The brake plate which comes with lugs for either v or u brake should bolt to the centre hole, above your tyre, then your v-brake or (quality) u-brake mounts onto that. :)
    Your cranks are either on back-to-front, or more likely (because most crank arms are not identical, only one has the ability to drive the chainwheel) someone's taken the pedals apart to regrease them, and has put them back on the opposite spindles.
    You need some lights too. ;)
    At least your stem has no welds. Stem is your life when you brake or drop off a kerb, or hit a pothole on the road, so that's a BIG plus point right there. :helmet:
    Padded seat & suspension seatpost seems to be the way on cruiser bikes from looking at others' builds.
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    You drilled the frame... will be a vibrating sucker in no time.....
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    Can't put the toothpaste back in the tube if you drilled the frame so on to the next. You can get a vee brake adaptor that will attach to the single hole in your fork, like Furry said. For a rim brake, I prefer the older center pull cantilever brake. I have never been able to keep the side pull canti brakes adjusted well, even Deore XTs. The 39t sprocket gave me a smooth 25mph cruise speed with 26x1.75 tires but the compromise in acceleration is noticeable.
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    Nice Blue! Drive Chain seems a little loose from the pix, watch for it grinding the sidewall of that rear tire. Pre-grind oil smears easier to see on non black tires at least it was for me. But Dude! No breaks??!! Balls of Steel there man. :grin5: