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Discussion in 'Bicycle Repair' started by chainmaker, Feb 28, 2010.

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    Great links..... Thanks!!
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    I've been thinking about building a sidecar, and those all look like good possibilities. I think I like the looks of the one in the second link the best, as it would go well with the vintage look of the Whizzer.
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    Thanks for the links, especially the third link.
    The vey first motorized bike that I built was a sidecar bicycle. Looked great, propulsion portion worked great. Handled like dog do-do! Took it apart and just used it as a standard motor bicycle(worked great).

    After reading the links, the wheels are turning(in my head that is).
    So thanks again, I am going to put off the three wheeled OCC I was going to start on. I'll head back to building a side car that handles properly.
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    Here is the link to my sidecar build. I posted it in the heritage build section some time ago if you want to look it up.

    The frame is heavier than it needs to be but I'm using an eZee hub motor on the sidecar
    and want the weight on it. We have to be green in Canada eh!

    I will hinge the sidecar so that it will handle like a normal bike.

    Chrome is at the platers and the frame/fenders is in the hands of Redi-Strip and should be back this week. Should be well on it's way in a couple of weeks.

    Any questions or comments? Please post them or pm me.

    I feel a sidecar revolution coming on.

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    Doesn't show anything for sidecar.
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    The album labelled 'speedy****s' is fasteddy's sidecar build.
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    Oh, OK. I just saw thought that the closed one was the sidecar build.
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    For Fasteddys side car pics (all of them) make sure to click on bottom right that says upload next 20..Really nice work Steve
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    Thanks Simon, never thought to mention that.

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    Thanks Tedd, chrome is at the platers and Redi-Strip is doing the frame/fenders. Hope by this weekend it will be painted. Chrome will be about 3 weeks.