Side project, now its back to the bikes.

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by graucho, Mar 24, 2008.

  1. graucho

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    I had to slip another little side project in. Now its back to the motored bikes. Kikker 5150 Hardknock Mini Chopper. 3 week build, 3hrs a day, 6 days a week. Second thought, maybe I wont touch a wrench for a week. (Naw, could'nt do it.)

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  2. fylerc1

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    That's beautiful! Is this your profession? If not it could be...
  3. graucho. I so want to build one. Is that an adult sized frame? Can you register it like a scooter? Can you go over 40? Is it a kit? How much? Can a Lifan 250cc V-twin work with that? CV tranny? So many questions.
    This belongs in the White Zone,btw but that's okay cause Mods would need the training anyway!
  4. uncle_punk13

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    Similar to my Pagsta 110cc. Large- Those are 3/4 chops/bobber bikes. Larger than a mini chopper, but smaller than say a honda rebel. Lotta fun and around 80 M.P.G., mine tops at 50 M.P.H. A lifan 250 won't fit the frame on mine, I don't know about on the Kikkers... Hey graucho- once you get the engine broken in, yer gonna love it!!!
  5. Too cool,man. Beats a 30 grand chopper any day of the week as far as I'm concerned.
    What of price? (googling 3/4 chops/bobber bikes)
  6. graucho

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  7. That is too cool.
    That thing PAWNS Mr. Scooter.
    Price is right too.
    (counting change in piggy bank)

    Need more time. :grin:

    I see some negative comments about seat being too short and you'll break down waa waa.
    They should get a factory bike.
    Me? I would get a hard tail seat that hugs the rear fender no spring. That should clear up some leg and tummy room lol. And break down please.

    Thanks for those links,graucho!

    Life is all about looking forward to things.

    I just have another thing to look forward too now.
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  8. uncle_punk13

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    Yeah I've seen those in action and there is a dealer here in my home town... I'm thinking of trading up my Pagsta... Gotta love it, spring fork, sucide shift... Nice!
  9. I'm assuming since the suicide shift is on the left there's no manual clutch like the way my CT 70 was set up,huh.
  10. graucho

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    Yes Large, no clutch. Back off on the gas and shift. There is also a foot shifter you may not have noticed. If you dont want to look cool using the suicide shifter, you can leave your hands on the bars, and use your foot. See attached.

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  11. reclaimer

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    Boy, after poking my browser around their owners forum... That will be my next build. Those rule.