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  1. BonitaPanther

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    I am dreaming of dumping the center stand, replacing it with a conventional sidestand and old fashioned rear stand.
    Has anyone done that and any idea how complicated it is?
    why would I want to do this?
    For looks and ease of lifting tire.
    All bikes look cooler on a sidestand...


  2. Mountainman

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    guess it's all in what we perfer

    I have a center stand
    many who see it -- make remarks such as
    cool stand -- center stand just like some motorcycles !!

    the rear side stands are as you say -- nice in my book
    you should be able to find a good one ??

    question may be -- does your center stand work good ?? this is the main THING

  3. BonitaPanther

    BonitaPanther Member

    It does...
    Is there an advantage to the center stand?
    As for me, I know when I load up my saddle bags, it gets a bit heavy to be fiddling with the center stand, and lifting from the sidestand would be much easier seeing that both wheels are already on the ground.
    I would only use the rear to kick start or to work on it.
  4. rjs5700

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    If you are going with a rear drop stand I would forget the side stand. Both the rear and center stands have the advantage of starting the bike on the stand. The side stand would not be as stable and the bike would be more apt to fall over (though I have used them quite often). If you go with a rear stand I would suggest a reproduction one for the early Whizzers as they are much stronger than a bicycle stand that would probably bend with the extra weight of the motor especially when starting it. You will also need a rear fender clip to hold it up while riding.
  5. BonitaPanther

    BonitaPanther Member

    why forget the side stand?
    my flh had one and it never fell over and it was wayyyyyyyy to heavy to have a rear stand
  6. rjs5700

    rjs5700 Member

    On Whizzers the center of gravity is high and they are a little unbalanced on a side stand.
  7. BonitaPanther

    BonitaPanther Member