Side swiped by a large pick up truck a few minutes ago

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Large Filipino, Jun 23, 2008.

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  1. So there I was on a busy street. I was on the sidewalk (never again) I stopped. I push the button. The walk signal turns to that man figure thing telling me to walk. Here comes %^$#^...^%$%$#@%&....*&^%$%^&*!!!! in a full size pick up truck looking the other way. I'm SCREAMING BLOODY MURDER and he smacks Cronus right on my side sending me flying and cronus went DOWN!
    Immediately I'm looking at my bike. I'm REALLY REALLY ****ED ^&**&^%$%#$@!!! Then here comes the driver. the driver is deaf. I'll say this again. THE DRIVER IS DEAF!!!!!!!! OMG!!
    Cronus is alright. I'm alright too. I didn't hit my head at all. My legs feel a bit off. But I rode Cronus home. It's cool. I'm bad.
    But man. This dude was crying,man. I mean he looked just ready to hang it up. I signed to him "money,no." because Cronus is fine. Engine is not cracked. Amazing considering what just happened. I do have three broken spokes. And my alignment went out a bit. 1/2 inch wrench fixed that.
    What's cool is that he exchanged information with me and I think I made a friend,man. But man. Were letting deaf people drive,man. That's like the kid with their stereo turned up loud. That's like how in the world are we letting deaf people drive?
    So as I was aligning my chain a cop pulled up for someone called the accident in. He told me that the "boys" have been looking at me and have been admiring my ride. I'm on the sidewalk,dawgs and he's really cool. He offered to write a police report but I'm fine,really. If I would have hit my head then I would go in an ambulance regardless.
    The driver left me his phone number (???????) and an e-mail address. I'll do the e-mail address. :grin:
    Sidewalks are dangerous. Side of the road much better.
    I do have a slightly tweaked rim....naw. Replace those spokes,true the rim. I'm not gonna hit this man for a new rim. I'll mention it but... Man. This guy you could tell was poor. Naw.
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  2. srdavo

    srdavo Active Member

    Glad you're okay!!

    he came up on the sidewalk to get ya?
  3. He was turning right and looking at traffic. I'm like right in his path and I see this 2 ton truck going right towards me with him looking the other way.
    He could have ran me over.
    I think I need psychological help now.
    I'm gonna ride MOOP to finish off my bill paying then take a look at that rim tonight..
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  4. glad you're ok Large - I'll take your advice and stay off the sidewalk - I only go on when there is no shoulder but I won't be doing that anymore let me tell ya.
  5. augidog

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    i've seen this "example" posted a few times lately.

    1st: large, i'm happy yer ok. tho i wish ya woulda taken the report in case something crops up later.

    2nd: yeah, why the heck is a deaf person licensed? good deal that he turned out to be cool. and if i needed parts, i would hit him up, but for cost only. i'm poor too.

    3rd: everyone...stay off the sidewalk!! even tho we know right-turn bang-ups are common with bicycling, no motorist is expecting sidewalk traffic to be moving so fast. plus, in case noone noticed...there's people walking there...i'm pretty sure that's why it's called a "walk" :p
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  6. DougC

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    I'd go even farther than that.
    Most of the times I've been neary run over were drivers making a right-hand turn, who were looking to their left, and not using their turn signals. I always use a rear-view mirror on my glasses and always watch for turn signals, and when making right turns a lot of drivers don't bother.

    When I pull up at a stoplight or stop sign now and there's a lot of car traffic, I move left into the middle of the lane of traffic and make the cars behind me wait. It's the one thing you can do to make sure that this never happens again.
  7. augidog

    augidog New Member

    i agree...i always take my lane at intersections...too bad if motorists don't like it, it's my right, and it's safer than counting on them to not kill me.
  8. SirJakesus

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    Thats a shame. I hope you and Cronus are ok.
  9. This situation with right hand turns is a big problem in Portland, with several fatalities already. In my car, a cyclist did the same thing, and ran into my right side (or did I run into him?). Now, some intersections have special painted areas, boxes, right near the light, but I'm not sure that will solve it.

    That's messed up we let deaf people drive.
  10. SirJakesus

    SirJakesus Guest

    Letting deaf people drive is no different than letting rich people drive their luxury cars around with the windows up. They can't hear carp over their bose system either.
  11. augidog

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    i've been watching that with some interest, the impression i get is that neither cyclists or motorists know how to use it yet. overall, tho, i hear good things coming out of portland about cycling in general, it seems they're trying anyway.
  12. Alan

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    Good thing your ok. I guess it could have been worse if he were blind.
    You can never be too careful. Watch those cagers. They're all out to kill us!
  13. Scottm

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    My brother is deaf and legally blind in one eye. He's 40 years old and never put a scratch on his car or anyone elses. He got an illegal u turn ticket when he was in his 20s, and that's the only violation I know of.

    I'm afraid of everybody in cars. Definitely take the lane, it is yours!
  14. Just came back from paying bills riding MOOP oh that bike is teh win. I noticed on my way home riding Cronus from the accident I had a bit of some lost power. Just looked at it now. Look what I find. Photo0236.jpg Photo0237.jpg
    Well later I'm gonna take off that back wheel,change the broken spokes over and true it. Then I'm gonna take my engine off and look at those brackets where it bent. It looks like it bent from the bottom mount but we'll see.
    At this time I don't think I need to hit up on that guy. Engine's fine,though. Rack seems fine too. Gonna put those side mounts on a table to see if it had bent. Nothing I can't fix. I think.
    I've been wanting to retire my rear fender anyway. It makes some irritating noises sometimes then sometimes it's okay. But I really don't need it. Bike still looks cool without it anyway.
    I bet just looking at the pics if I simply just loosen the mounts that attach to the frame it will move back to where it belongs.
    Excuse me.
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  15. augidog

    augidog New Member

    why? did you fart?
  16. MasterLink

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    i take my lane i use to mover over at the lights and let cars by on till i almost got hit a few times by cars trying to beat out the other car in the other lane no way there goin to have to go around me and i stay the heck off of sidewalks and crosswalks if i run someone over its on me and i stay away from doors i notice that when i leave in a good mood i get there in a good mood ...last Friday i had a van push me off and over to the parked cars (i stoped in time)i always put my arm out to touch the car as hes movein me into the cars i skidded first time i pulled so hard let him do his thing and let him think he is the king of the road he dropped 2 guys off few miles down the road then he was fast to get away from me .... i know when iam beat i see about 20 bikes take the light in the morning i want to go but i dont the hand touching the car or comeing to the light works well for me give the driver and me to know how close he is to me most times they will give me some more room as he see my arm in his mirror or whatever try it i do it also as i come up to a car at the light thats been close to me when the light gos green i get more space
  17. loquin

    loquin Active Member

    Glad to hear that you're OK, Large.

    Keep an eye on 'em...
  18. akyramoto

    akyramoto Member

    wow. happy to hear you're alright.

    I always take the lane @ stoplights.I'm also constantly looking back to see who is coming up on me ( no rear view mirror on my xtracycle).
  19. Marktur

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    Large - I'm really happy you're OK....we were having a conversation about wearing helmets a few weeks ago....I hope this at least gets you to wear one now.

    As far as Deaf people go...they're not retarded, they just can't hear...just like the sh-thead kids that have way too many watts in their cars.

    I live in Palm Beach, FL, the winter haven for all the old farts that have lost their licenses in their "home" states because they're not competant to drive...their blind, crippled, name it - they're all HERE during the winter -- driving!

    I'll take deaf and even 100% blind people over them...once you hit 65, you should have mandatory hearing and vision tests YEARLY...but nooooooooo not here, we'd rather tax their cars and hand out speeding tickets than get the dangerous ones off of the road.

    Before you all jump on a "Ban the deaf guy" rant, be aware that these folks try MUCH HARDER and care a heck of a lot more than most drivers...I know - I have deaf people in my family.

    If you want to ban something from the road, then ban "a few beers" before driving, ban incompetant old people.

    Anyway, Large - STAY SAFE MAN! Put on a helmet....for your friends here at the forum and for your family...because now you know - no matter how good YOU are, you can't always control the other stuff around you.

    Again, I'm REALLY glad you're OK.
  20. augidog

    augidog New Member

    of course, & i apologize if you feel i implied otherwise, to me it's a safety issue. as you say, hearing & vision is important on the road.

    i lived in lake worth until the 2004 hurricanes made me want something different outta life, like a home that wasn't torn to pieces...and omg...i pedaled everywhere, my only transportation...3 or 4 right-turners/year would push me into the curb and wreck a wheel, most of the time the cops wouldn't even bother to write it up and i was NEVER compensated for any damage. old ladies in mercury's, can't even see over the hood, unbelievable!!...until you see it for yourself.
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