Sighting in Fort Worth on Race Street.

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by sabrewalt, Oct 3, 2007.

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  1. sabrewalt

    sabrewalt Guest

    Tonight We were sitting on the patio at our favorite Mexican/watering hole over on Race Street just east of downtown Fort Worth in neighborhood called Riverside. I heard approaching on the street a two cycle whine and it was approaching at a fairly rapid pace. Since two stroke on a moving vehicle is somwhat rare, everybody on the patio looked.. A women at the next table exclaimed.. "OMG that was a bicycle did you see how fast he was going." (It was semi dark so it was hard to see if it was a GEBE or a chinese frame mount or what??? I was doing at least 35 MPG down the dark street. (Brave). Other than my own stuff. This is the first sighting EVER of an assist bicycle Electric or Gas for me.

    Anybody know who it was??

    Bedford, Tx.

  2. Scottm

    Scottm Guest

    I've been screaming around East 1st and Randol Mill during my lunch break, not downtown. Kids will be gone this week, perhaps I motor that way and see if I run into anyone. I work at Haltom Road and 121 so I'm not far from Riverside.
  3. sabrewalt

    sabrewalt Guest

    Fort worth

    Your close, Just go down 121 to Sylvania turn right two blocks and right on Race. We hangout at Fuzzy's Fish Taco;s right there on the left. That is the exact location of the sighting.
  4. alesterfeind

    alesterfeind Guest


    No video evidence of this sighting? Sounds like a government conspiracy to me.
  5. Video was taken, but then came up missing, government denies all accounts, says it was most likely a kid with playing cards in his spokes pulling a prank.
  6. alesterfeind

    alesterfeind Guest

    Good one! haha Over here laughing like a fool in my office.
  7. Alaskavan

    Alaskavan Guest

    Are they building another compound at Area 51?
  8. gone_fishin

    gone_fishin Guest

    i heard of a similar sighting in scottsdale AZ...local authorities assured a concerned public that it was "only a slow-moving moped" and that there was "nothing to fear, as our police are trained to know the difference." ;)
  9. srdavo

    srdavo Active Member

    sorry--in advance (kinda---lol)

    "Bigfoot on a motored bike, spotted on the Washington coast"

    ok...that's just a rumor. (that I am starting, now! ;):p)

    Seriously, I have tracked down almost every motored bike in my town of 25,000 ppl.

    12 happytimes confirmed (1 phantom builder/seller...I will locate)
    9 electrics
    10 homebuilts...chainsaws/weed eaters etc.
    numerous Whizzers
    1 guy has a collection of whizzers, cushmans, servicycles, mustangs etc. And will not let me have a peek!:(

    the streets are getting full of small retro motorcycles. I've seen yamaha enduros, honda scramblers, small 100cc'ish street bikes from the 70's. then there are so many Harleys, goldwings, (my liquor store guy, has a 650 BSA lightning, he's restoring)and anything you can imagine. I see a Vincent rolling by once in a while.
    More scooters & mopeds than I could count.
    I'm sure gonna hate winter time this year, cause my street is like a rolling bike museum.

    2 wheels rule!
  10. larymor

    larymor Guest

    I used to live in Ft Worth and hung out down there at the bars and stuff. That was back in 85...I saw lots of weird stuff back then....."maybe it was the booze"
  11. Yesterday I was going for lunch with my wife. As we exited our house,this dude in a GEBE drove by. I wanted to chase him down. I wanted to be best buddies with him. But I had to go to lunch with my wife. And we went the other way.
    Now I am on a mission to find my new best friend.
  12. Alaskavan

    Alaskavan Guest

    Happy Time sighted in Haines AK

    I was at work today and I heard a putting sound. It was definitely not the whine of a snow machine (a common noise here this time of year). It was a little deeper than the sound of my TLE43. I looked out at the highway to see who was crazy enough to be riding a scooter around in the snow. Down the road came a guy on a bike with a Happy Time.

    I've read a few threads here where members have talked about how people ask about their bikes but don't seem to follow through on getting one, so I thought I'd tell you about this one: Last summer I was out trolling for salmon, and one of the commercial fishing boats pulled up to me and the skipper came out on deck to question me about my motorized Trek. That's the guy I saw today. Cool.
  13. fetor56

    fetor56 Guest

    It's surprising the number of people that ask about motored bicycles from seeing my bug.Mostly the same questions(how much/how fast) but sometimes u get someone who is genuinely interested for the sake of building their own.They come from all walkes of life and there's no set rules about them,male/female/old/young/poor/rich/handyman/non handyman,etc.Those are the people u spend time with and go out of your way to help.
    Other people u answer their questions as polite as possible and then be one your way...pronto.
    I've seen one build by a person i helped to encourage,possibly more.....makes u feel like your doing your bit.
  14. sabrewalt

    sabrewalt Guest

    With Oil on the rise

    It will be interesting to see if there is an upturn in interest. Everyone seems really worried about the fuel prices. So far no one as gone as far has asking how he could get one.