sights,sounds or smells on a ride


Local time
2:12 PM
Aug 20, 2008
6mi. from Old North Bridge
:cool:On my ride last Sunday I passed by a long stetch of road with houses close to the street. I swear every other house was having a cook out. I could identify what was on certain grills at twenty miles an hour the proper break in speed for my whizzer Im told. First chicken then steaks,burgers, fish it was a symphany of different smells going on, combinations of two, three and even four diffent grill foods it was a wonderful ride, Soon after that stretch of pavement I found myself home on the grill wow amazing what can see, hear and smell at 20mph.
Yeah its a great experience. Just wait until you pass by a party of bikers on that thing they'll wave you right on in :)
Wouldn't happen to be Rustico PEI would it?
yes - wooo that smell - the smell of it's around you - when out for a MB ride. The other morning I was out riding a country road - very early - some houses already had some lights on - I got a strong nice wiff of bacon and eggs - hadn't been out for breakfast in a while - checked into a good little restaurant after a couple of hours of riding - how sweet it is - GOOD RIDE AND GOOD FOOD..
I remember that same morning - a little ride as I go prayer -
nice time to thank the one up above - for many blessings..

Happy Riding from - Mountainman
:)All I could smell is Race Fuel and burnin Tyres.....


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I rode my chopper at night for the first time yesterday, it was nice and cool and the stars were out and the smell of a freshly hit skunk was in the air......ahh very enjoyable
Sweet, I used to live in Emyvale PEI a couple years ago. It's a beautiful island you have up there.
Hopefully they wouldn't charge you the normal huge price for 2 axles to travel over the confederation bridge. I'd like to go back up there someday and revisit with some old friends from the Canadian Tire in Charlottetown but I heard it got bought out or something. Great to hear PEI is cool with MB's. I'm not really surprised with how lax their police are in the first place. Glad to make a new connection from the island as well :)
the smell of fresh cow pies on the side of the road
drifting far away in my mind today as I rode
things looked a little brighter really lifted my load..

Those sweet smells - as noticed by - Mountainman
On my inaugural cruise today, I was marveling at the fresh, cool, ocean air as I whizzed along. it was so sweet. and today is one of our Indian Summer days in SF (especially out here at the beach, where it is usually foggy). I think I have too many allergies to smell much of anything.