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    Just stumbled across this and it is a petition to make motorized bikes legal in the UK, I know this wont be of much benefit to the majority of you, but all the UK people sign it quick!!! Lets try and get a few more signatures on this as well, as its about time the UK even noticed there is such a thing called a motorized bike!

    sign it here:

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    got the link working now! doh!!
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    I was able to help out by signing as I have dual citizenship with UK and Canada. Hope that helps! MAC
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    has anyone gotten hold of JemmaUK regarding this

    last I heard -- the pooolice have her down and out regarding UK motor bike laws

    we sure are blessed here in Calif to be able to

    ride that THING
  5. BSA

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    I've signed, good idea to have a petition, but I don't think it will achieve much.

  6. Irish John

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    I'm thinking of donating one of my Fosscati FG4 Billinudgel Bullets to Prince Charles because I think he's the kind of guy who would ride one. Top speed would be greatly reduced however unless he pinned his ears back!
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    Recent petition in Hobart

    I actually ran a petition at a Sustainable Living Expo in Hobart Australia that was held in November 2008.
    The response was huge - about 80 petitioners in about 4 hours.
    There are so many reasons why the broader community should embrace motorized bikes that it's weird that there is any opposition at all.
    Climate change, peak oil, active transport and even safety are the biggies.
    The images from my display are in my picture album.

    Cheers, Greg
  8. Irish John

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    You are spot on Hybriped and one other huge thing about motored biking is that it is actually a fantastic antidote to depression and that seems to be the biggest disease around at present. My doctor was so impressed with my bike he got me to build him one and he said that bicyclics are better than tricyclics for treating mild - moderate depression.
    Sadly this antidote only appies to the 4-stroke motor. The HT is a major cause of depression and can bring on the onset of suicidal thoughts.
  9. HybriPed

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    Health and wellbeing and motorized bikes

    John: Pardon my ignorance, but what is the HT?
  10. zbox.80.chrisv

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    I think its stands for the "Happy Time" motor, or the 2-strokes!
  11. HybriPed

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    Thanks. It's a pity that 2-strokes come in for so much stick - they only are an environmental problem in cities. Out in the scrub, they are OK.

    I've done 7,000 kms as commuter the past 18 months at about 0.8 litres per 100 kms - total cost about $100.

    It is feasible to put direct injection on them too.

    Cheers, Greg
  12. Irish John

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    Thats right HybriPed, it stands for "Happy Times" and everyone new to MBc has to ask that question because nobody would ever guess what it meant. I think it is called HT for the same reason that bald headed people are often called "curley". Or a certain Prime Minister was nicknamed "Honest John".
  13. HybriPed

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    Thanks, but its the first time that I've heard that 2-strokes caused depression.
  14. Irish John

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    They don't per se, but the HT is the one exception because of the trouble it gives and its lack of reliability & longevity and inability to maintain sustained operation on open roads at high revs. Then there's the polution aspect which is pretty depressing and the huge wastage of metal when they pack up for good. I think the jack shaft kit would help cos seems to be good quality but it's like casting pearls at swine to put one on an HT.
  15. HybriPed

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    Reliability: My engine came from the Skyhawk factory. It's been fantastic! I have not had one iota of mechanical trouble. not even fuel blockage in about 2 years. I've ridden 7,500 kms (over 2,000 engine kms) on my bicycle.
    Pollution: Unfortunately, the public perception and environmental reality are very different. 2-strokes are really only a pollution problem in cities.