Silencing an EH035 or GX35?


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6:03 AM
Jun 15, 2008
What is the best method to reduce noise emmisions from these engines without drastically reducing power? Is there a way?

I am definately putting together a MB with one of these engines in the near future. I was just thinking, the quieter the better as I would like to remain discrete and draw as little attention as possible.
I ran my MB with an EH035 (friction kit) last night for the first time. I was amazed at how quiet it was. While it was idling in the driveway, my daughter and I had a conversation at normal levels while standing next to it. I took it for a quick spin down the block and could hear street noises like kids playing and a car backing out of a driveway.

Of course, the faster I went, the louder it seemed to be. But I honestly expected it to be a lot louder ... more like my 2-stroke weed eater.

But I'll be watching this thread. If there's a way to make it even quieter, I'd be for it.

Yes I have stumbled accross that downspout as well. It appears this is my only option as tampering with the exhaust can cause it to overhead and it will also void the warranty. Or this is what I have read, at least.