Exhaust Silent Muffler?



Hi everyone,

I haven't posted here for a while, actually havn't ridden the bike for a while either. But now i'm back and ready to tune up my bike. I have a Kings 80cc on a mountain bike and I REALLY want to cut down on the noise. I've poked around the threads and saw that many cut down on their noise, but none specific to the 80cc kings type that you buy on ebay. I would like to make it so it is a more peaceful ride, and so the doors and windows dont open when i fly down the road to see what all the racket is. If anyone has their ideas i'd love to hear them, any ideas on making a muffler that really shuts it up.

Can't wait to hear your ideas!

The hardest part would be finding small sheets of stainless steel screen for the inner silencer tube. I found a supplier, but the minimum order is 12 square feet, at $6.35 a square foot. ($75) A large roll of stainless steel safety wire is about $7. The rest of the stuff you can find at home depot.

If we could find a dozen people to split the cost of that stuff, the rest of it would be dirt cheap.