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  1. mike93082

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    I am new at this and got a Grubee 66cc kit. I was doing the install to a Huffy Cranbrook but the wheel bearing in the back tire was discovered to be bad before I even got to ride it and I didnt really like the feel of the bike either.

    I want a mountain bike but everywhere I check the v in the frame is not big enough. The engine is a slant head and the spark plug will touch the top bar or the carb gets in the way. I have tried thrift shops but they have nothing.

    Can someone recommend a bike or tell me what type of bike they are using?

  2. Crobo

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    i just put a flying horse 66cc on my huffy mountain bike. the spark plug and cover clear by a few mm. so much so that to get teh cover on and off i need to loosen the motor mounts to remove the cover and just the plug. its a bit annoying but i like the feel of the bike.
  3. MikeJ

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    You are right, thrift stores and Goodwill (a respectable store) has never had what I wanted to place an engine in. I found that pawn shops *might* have something. I ended up calling around to bike shops that handled recycled bikes. Get familiar with Craig's List for your area. Home garage bike recyclers do exist for a little spending money.

    I have seen Haro V3, Mtn Tek Extreme, Specialized Rockhopper, and Schwinn all take engines large and small. Just keep looking in out-of-the-way places. Buy replacement parts from a bike store. Take the engine with you when shopping and test fit it into multiple frames. You will find something; everyone else has.

  4. Crobo

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    i can just see it now, carrying around a 20+lb motor.

    excuse me sir what is that?

    a motor*grin*

    but fitting a bike to a motor is def an easier way to go that the other way around and in the end will make for an easier install
  5. AussieSteve

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    Carrying the engine is over the top. I carried a piece of string with two knots in it. Worked for me.

    With a shift kit fitted and 410mm between bottom bracket and top tube, measured up the seat tube, I have 10mm vertical clearance with the SBP low-profile air-filter and more with the standard one.

    I found nothing decent second-hand, so sucked it in and bought a new bike with a decent frame and wheels. Only had 18-speed gears, but that's ideal for a shift kit, I've discovered. Had to remove the front derailleur, so now it's a 6-speed moped.

    ... Steve
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    :grin5:Well I took the advice and searched craigslist and found near me a Schwinn Sidewinder 2.6fs bike witha nice comfy seat for only 75.00. The engine and carb will fit without the air cleaned but I plan on ordering a offset intake and also a front frame adapter so I do not have to drill into the bike.

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  7. hellhammer

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    I had one of those Schwinn's! This is what I did to mine...


  8. happycheapskate

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    That fork scares me.
  9. hellhammer

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    It was welded where the two forks met, very stable...I still have the fork, but the bike is loooong gone....