Silver Beast Hits The Road

Finished another one Saturday PM 3/8/08 80cc HT. Only put 2 miles on it. Too early to tell what bugs I need to work out. Special features are toggled kill switch from blue wire (not shorting magneto) Added front caliper brake. Added tail light, blinkers, brake light. (not professional quality, purchased from ebay. Work great though) 64 spoke wheels. Horn, 72 LED headlight. Wireless speedometer, mirror, clutch lever roller modification (designed by Large Filipino) bearing chain tensioner from dax. Quality plug wire and boot. 19 hrs. labor. 10th build, they get easier the more I do.

Please everyone, keep building and saturate the market to responsible riders. We need "power" in numbers. Its the way of the future. graucho


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Large Filipino

Boomer,some kits have the sprocket holes elongated. I hate to say this but you may need get a sprocket with the holes a bit wider. You can't just drill new holes because then your other stuff won't fit.
Or just grin and get a 36 spoke...
Groucho's bike wheels look like they are 36 spoke so I assume he didn't have this problem.
I counted and it seems yours is a 68 spoke.
Then you'll need M6 threads or 1/4 inch. M8 no way.
Good luck with that.
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I have a question for you. I have the same exact bike you do, a Micargi GTS Cruiser, I have a kit from which I doubt is any different than Dax, I was going to buy from Dax but he's sold out. Anyway, I enlarged the hole in the rear 44T sprocket and when I go to mount the sprocket I find the bolt holes are aligned right on the hubs flange and on the base of the spokes. How did you get around this problem, I couldn't see from your pics well enough to see what you did.

Large, thanks for pipe-in up.
Boomer im sorry I missed your question. Yes I do have the 68 spoke wheels.
Looking at your axle area below, mine looks like the spokes came down a extra 3/8" than yours which allowed enough room to get the bolts for the rubber washer through. Yet, this was the hardest part of this build. Took 5 hrs to get it aligned correctly. If to do it again I'd replace the rear rim with a 36 spoke set up and leave the 68 spokes on the front. graucho


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