Silverking Aerocycle

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  1. agent29

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    I Wanna Make A Mix Of This 2 Classic Bikes
    To Make A Board Tracker, I Am A Rookie
    I Wanna Know Which Motor Is The Best I Can Use
    Which Is The Fasttest Motor On The Market
    This Is A Idea That I Have On Years To Build This Bike Since The 1938 Silverking Silver King Is Made Of Aluminum
    The Bike Can Be Lite.. Thanks I Am New In To This Forum
    Any Advice Reply

  2. SimpleSimon

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    Welcome aboard.

    Answering your questions is complicated - my best advice is to read/search/read/search and read some more here.

    As for motorizing aluminum bikes, it has problems. Vibratory stress from the engine, and functional stress from loading and speed with the engine both fatique aluminum more quickly than steel.
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    Welcome to the forum, Agent29. As an owner of a '36 Silver King Duralium, I would strongly suggest you consider using a different frame. Those frames were pinned together using couplers, not welded. I truly believe it would lack the strength and durability you would need.
  4. agent29

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    RE; Aerocycle

    Thanks for the reply, ok i think im going to build a custom frame
    so what motor i need? whats the best kits out there?
    or if im going to build a replica of a board tracker what would be the closest
    engine? thanks for the advice, im short to this project since i have pleny of project with cars and stuff thanks.