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Discussion in 'Friction Drive' started by Will Snow, Jul 9, 2012.

  1. Will Snow

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    Over the many years that I have been tinkering with motorized bicycles, I have tried just about every Kit there is. Many years ago I started with a friction drive bicycle called Bimble Bee and a couple more after that one. Giving up friction drive I went to belt drive, then chain drive and even built up a very nice nine speed custom drive system ( the bike was so nice it was sttolen ).

    BUT!, after all these years I began to understand the qualities of good old friction drive. Simple, smooth, pretty trouble free and, well, most of you know the rest.

    So I bought one. The vendor calls it, "Simple Simon". They could not have named it better it a better. Simple and easy to install, well built and I can easly make my own rollers. I wanted to mount it low so I purchased a nice stretch cruiser and the low mount worked just fine. I took it for a short test ride ans found I had to tight a few things up. Two day ago I took it for a six mile rided. I was surprised how much I enjoyed it. Smooth, quiet and good power. I did cheat a little. I put a nice 4 cycle Chinese motor with 3.5 hp on the drive. The bike with a long wheel base and spring in front made for a very nice ride. It looks like I have come circle back to F.D. I have just ordered another of the drives and the same motor that I like so well

    It is your fault. I have been reading what you have been writing about your friction drives, including ideas and tips on how to make them work better. So, I had to give it another try. Glad I did.


  2. Happy Valley

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    Nice post Will on coming full circle, glad you're happy with it. I have one of the the DE SS mounts new that I've never used. Maybe you could post a pic of yours sometimes if you get a chance.
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    Will, you really got my attention with your nice post about your success with friction drives. I have really enjoyed my FD bikes. I thought that I knew about all the different friction drives. My big question is what is a simple simon drive. I need to see a picture or a web page. If at all possible could post more information on the drive you are using. Thanks so much.
  4. kallsop

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    Which engine is that?
  5. Will Snow

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    Yes, I will put some pictures in the photo gallery. It may take awhile, we have company coming from out of state. After they leave in a week I will take some pictures and post them.

    The company that makes Simple Simon Is "Dimension Edge Inc.". However this drive is not for everyone. For those who also like to peddle with no or very little restriction, this would not be a good choice. The drive wheel is always in contact with the tire. For me it is O.K., I always use the motor and I like to mount the motor fairly low on the bike. That is just me, I also installed a friction drive over the top of the tire on a different bike that does real good also, and it is easy to completly lift it off the tire.

    Be for warned, the fellow at D.E. is a talker. His name is Rob and some times it's hard to get a word in edge wise. Several years ago I purchased a couple things from him and the items were terrible. Now, he seems to have improved , this drive seems very well made.

    The engine was purchased from Thatsdax (you will find These dealers in the vender list on this forum), it is a Super Titan XC50S. I stated earlier that it is a 3.5 hp, I was wrong. It is 3 hp.

    Thank you for showing an interest and writing the nice things about my post. That was nice and I hope I have answered your questions O.K., I enjoyed doing it.

    Best Regards

    Will Snow
  6. MotorBicycleRacing

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    Duane of thatsdax "claims" that the Super Titan makes 3 hp

    Duane has been asked directly how the so called Super Titan makes a claimed
    1/2 hp more than the $40 cheaper Titan. He has never been able to answer that
    question with any believable explanation.

    The only difference between the Super Titan and the Titan is the sticker on the side
    of the motor and your wallet being $40 lighter. : D

    The Titan brand is just Daxs name for a Huasheng motor.
  7. kallsop

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    Out of the box Huasheng Libang 142F's (49cc) make 1.2KW (1.6HP):

    The 53cc 144F makes 1.5KW (2HP):

    Carb and exhaust and other upgrades can potentially add to those numbers. It would be a big upgrade to get a 142F to 3HP, almost double the power of the stock engine.
  8. MotorBicycleRacing

    MotorBicycleRacing Well-Known Member

    The Super Titan uses the same carb and really restrictive
    box muffler and there are no hot rodded parts inside the motor.

    Duane provides good service to what he sells but his claim
    of 3 hp for a Super Titan is unsubstantiated and dishonest
    considering that it sells for $40 more.
  9. Will Snow

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    Well, that is all news to me. It looks like I don't know what hp it is. I have the 49cc you are talking about on another bike with the EZ drive. This super Titan seems to have more power but then again the drive unit is different also. Well, maybe 2hp' but it does run and perform very well so far. ????

  10. SimpleSimon

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    I consider D.E.'s choice of name for this FD very flattering.
  11. darwin

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    DAX claims the super has a bigger bore and longer stroke if I remember correctly. I've owned 2 titans and have never seen anyone complain the super isn't more powerful. Never owned a super, just my 2cents.
  12. MotorBicycleRacing

    MotorBicycleRacing Well-Known Member

    Dax said that but it isn't true. They have the same bore and stroke.
    Even if the stroke and bore was bigger it wouldn't make 1 hp more.
    Most of the Chinese bike engine makers lie about their output.
    I know several people that have Super Titans who also run Honda 50's

    I really do not believe that he has never had one apart as I know people have returned broken motors.

    If someone bought a Super Titan they would have nothing to compare it too.
    How many people have both?

    Anyway I am still waiting for Dax to come up with some proof.
  13. reb1

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    I Purchased a Simple Simon with the EHO35 thursday and recieved it today. I was going to wait until I picked up a Yuba Mundo but am impatient and it apears it will work on my old Tandem with some modifications. I will need to remove the rear crank arms and run everything up the right side instead of using the cross over chain. So puting the triple up front and the front shifter with it will require a chain idler on the stoker seat tube and a clamp on cable stop for the front shifter up front. I will also need to trim the motor mount a little so it will allow enough room. Putting it just behind the stoker seat tube on the chain stays will put the motor level. I have been using this bicycle for 22 years and the last year have had nobody to ride the rear position so this will workout nicely. It will be a few weeks before I can have everything together done and legal.