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  1. Hey, today I saw a "Simplex" bike. I liked it more than the Whizzers that I've seen, and I just wondered why the Whizzer were more popular than Simplex. My dad talked to a friend of ours and he said that the engines were ****, just because of the way they were built. I've never seen one restored all the ones I can find on the net are still, "barn fresh". If any of you guys has one of these or knows someone that does, I would appreciate the pics and info. Thanks!

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    I think the Simplex was made in the South, where there were fewer people. Reliability of the engine was probably a big factor too.
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    Go to you'll see some there. Ray
  4. Hey Mason,
    Thanks for the link, that's a cool site. I'll have to check out some of his other stuff.
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    Hi Guys,

    I think the bike was made in LA. There are always some at Portland, IN every year. The 2 stroke motor was problematic, and often took a lot of "kicks" to get them started. There were a lot of "cool" motorbikes in the late 40s and 50s, but Whizzer sold thousands [at least 250,000], whereas other companies often sold hundreds, making the Whizzer the "king" of the motorbikes. There were many with 2 stroke motors, and even some with 2 cylinder 2-stroke motors. Even Harpo Marx was involved in making motorbikes [the 2 cylinder 2-stroke 3.25 HP]. One of my favorites is the DYNACYCLE.
    Sadly the restoration cost on most is very high as parts are impossible to find.

    Have fun,