Simpson 08 Racer

Hi I have alluded to it's exsistance I will try to upload a couple of "sightings" much like the Loch Ness Monster, there are rumors that this bike , like the Yeti, is not real, Mike

Xcelsior Board track Racer (customer 08)

Built by Tim from Solano County choppers, all parts from Simpson, except, white tires, and custom tool box, powder and graphics


Vic Millhouse 08 Racer

Vic is a customer, painter by trade, built this bike, my prototype is in background, Mike


My prototype 08

This is the pic I have put on some of my t-shirts, and the other pic is my daily driver a 2005 Whizzer Motorbike with just a few options on it. Setback seatpost, fendertips, right mirrot, Whizzer rear rack, and aftermarket saddlebags


OMG, Mike...the tears in my eyes wont allow me to type much more 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) those bikes are beautiful!
well, don't expect any help from me...i'm too busy freakin out, too :eek:

mike...nice work, it's great to have those motoredbikes on the forum, thanks a bunch 8)
Those are cool I think were on the same page :D Heres a pic.of my little toy.

I really wanted an orange Flying Merkel...Dawg gone it!
But the Excelsior will do, as long as the wheels are painted / striped to match and a large leather hairpin saddle is fitted.

The best I have ever seen. Fantastic! Please come back to us with a few Hanford pics(board track and veteran bikes please :) ) and report the warm reception these units are sure to receive. I saw Stephen Wright's two Cyclones at Hanford/Visalia in the '80s. One was streetable and we all got to see him ride it around.
Mike! Glad to see you here at!

This is Dan and I purchased a 48cc round head from you a month or two ago. We talk on the phone for quite a while about the Willamette Valley, sheep and just about everything else.

I don't know if you've seen what I am doing with your my engine kit so I'll just show you.

The 08 looks awesome!

Here is my project..