Simpson 09 prototype unvieled

Hi all, well criminy! I was not gonna show this frame till I'd done a bunch of stuff, but....... Myron, you know
who you are!!! I've been holding out on taking pics, and showing this for about 3 months as I was looking
forward to putting the OHV Whizzer in it. Making it into a full motorcycle, and showing it then.

My wife, Diane is standing by this most recent addition to the stable. She is only 5'6" so you-all can
see the scale of the bike. I was able to stand over the top bar, and "squat" on it, to compress the
springs, to install the new longer rebound springs. The earlier rebound springs were
not stiff enuff, resulting in the fork "lifting" when front brake was applied hard.
I dunno what I'm gonna do next, perhaps build the 09, or 10 model, but I will need to have a real
solid idea of it's potential before I will contract 10 bikes to be fabbed.



Apr 24, 2007
I love your bikes, mike...your model 8 xcelsior is my wallpaper :) . quexion...what makes the differences between the model #'s?


The Simpson model numbering scheme

Hi Spunout, and thanks for the kind words! I started numbering major things that have happened to me in the building of motorbikes. #1 was very commonplace, run of the mill, we've all seen them before 80's Taiwan "Schwinn Approved" black cruiser 7 years ago. It was a barn bike given to me by a friend. A SpitFire 48, good running bike, I later added all the frills to it, this is shortly after I got it running.

I built a bunch of bikes, and then came Old No.6 a ladies mtn bike I got free. I wanted an antique look, kinda obvious, eh?

so then a bunch of stuff happened and then, I got a wild hair, and along came the Model 07, a ladies Sekae Japanese cruiser I got free. I did an article on my site about building it. "Could your sister's old bike be your new motorbike"?

then you've seen my 08, and now the 09. I would guess that I have built about 30-35 of the standard "screw an engine on a bicycle" type builds and I rarely, if ever do that anymore. The most recent is that lil 4-stroke Western Flyer, and I had a reason to do that, as I'm testing the engine kit's potential. I'm ready to do a very complete AM (as I call them)


Very impressive build's Mike

Warms my heart to see old iron on fresh rubber - especially when it's grips are sweaty and the tank is still half full.

iRide Customs

Apr 27, 2007
Looks like the '09 will be a hit Mike! I never can get enough of that classic style.

What will you charge for frame and forks, raw?



As always, excelent work my man!
BTW- We'll talk more about that o.h.v. exposed rocker for my '48 CZ 125 framed project this next coming winter...
Keep 'em coming, your bikes are awesome dude!


:cool: Thanks for the pix, Mike. i was very impressed with your other bikes as well, especially your AM model.



Sweet No. 09, Mike!!! Looks like the Harleys from the 1910s. I have a bicycle replica of a 1914 Harley boardtracker. Hopefully soon I can put a motor on it! Great job!! :D