Simpson Model 10 prototype

Hi all, yesterday, before the run-in with the ChickenS**t motorbikers wife and I were up at the fab shop working on my newest bike. The Model 10 is Almost what I had wanted from the very beginning.

She will require stiffer springing on the front, has 3+ inches of travel, low ground clearance and a mean look.

I have licensed Solano County Choppers to produce and sell finished bikes, and I will continue to sell chassis. We are currently schedualling a dedicated run of 7 new chassis to be built. 5 for Solano, and 2 pre-ordered from a customer in WA State to build from me. Solano is projecting 4-8 bikes per month, however that will depend on his sales.

If any of you want one of these, either now, or soon, it would be most wise to let me know. I do not know how many will be built, surely there will never be as many as I wish there would be!

Here are some pre-release pics of my newest old bike



As soon as a couple of little details are finished, I will bring her home, slide all the drivetrain parts back on her, ride, and work out a few kinks, make the inframe toolbox, then it's teardown and powder.

People ask, whadda ya been doin? (with pics)

Hi all, well time to try out this snazzy new software! It looks like the tem has done a very good job migrating the database, tho I'm still learning what the new Icons mean, and will make an attempt to load my avatar.

On the other hand, you ask, what HAVE I been doing? I spent much time this week with my Model 10, trying to get her back to running condition, and to learn what it might take to get the kits to the point where they can be assembeled from instructions with no special tools, or special skills.

Here she is this evening in the dusk, wife holding her, as I did not get a chance to create a new drop stand clip.


PS the meeting with Tim went well, thanks for asking.....

I cannot figure out how to upload the pics I just resized to send here.


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from the way you built it it has the look in the fram of the 1913 exeelsior 7-c
or the 1912 harley davidson x8a keep it going and take a look at the bikes i leisted here
Glory days of Motorcycle

Hi turbo, yes I did study pics of harley and Indian as I was designing my bikes, tho I had NOT seen any in person! Much happened, some good, some not so good. Recently I was lucky enuf to get close to this fine ORIGIONAL 1910 Excelsior Single.
Mike ( I cannot figger out how to imbed pic GRRRRR!!!)1910EXS.JPG
mike, the attachment is doing exactly what we wanted it to do...display a thumbnail in the post, then open in a new window.
Status Qoa

Hi Augi, well I would guess that is why I cannot figure out how to imbed? And here all along I thot it was somehow my fault! Well, here is a bonus I think it is about a 1907-1908 Sears, with a wood lined sheave. Here in a local collection.

Your bikes are so pretty it hurts... like falling head over heels in love and knowing you just can't have it.
Model 10 news

Hi Gang, I've not said much about Model 10 progress, but I'll let the cat out of the bag. After much negotiation, I have secured a first-class Motorcycle Frame manufacturer to build my Model 10. I'm sitting on pins and needles over minor mods to the bike, and final cost and production dates. Quality will be as good, or better than anything we've seen so far.

To Jim H and others they WILL be available!

1) 22 degree rake instead of 18 on 08, 26 on prototype.

2) NEW (I wish I knew how to make that "NEW" flash) They will make the in-frame toolbox!!!

3) subtle changes to triple clamp plates

4) significant changes to rockers

5) New Larger springs on springer

6) and a few other lil things.

I'm hoping to get the first few Production Chassis in about 3 weeks, maybe the first week of September?

I have 7 sold to Solano County Choppers, 2 in Vancouver WA. One to an LA county town (a custom build) some interest in Daytona Beach FL., and one for me so I can assure everything is right, and that it assembles the way I say it does, then I'll ride and show it.

That seems like 11 bikes, and I do not have one here even to study the details of a production version of my bike.

I think things are going well, and I do have marketing plans schemed up to promote the bikes, as soon as there is a flow of production.

I'm very excited, and do NOT like waiting, tho there seems to be nothing I can do, but to encourge my developement guy, and the factory, in thier effort to bring this project to light.