simultaneous builds..."dueling dax's"



beach cruzin & quay1962's dax showed up today! btw-they have a really nice (new) basic 5-spd cruiser w/hd wheels been waitin for that engine.

a coupla weeks ago, you may recall i mentioned a church had bought a kit for someone. long story short, the glergy decided to use it himself, he brought me the kit & a so-so mountainbike :)

tomorrow, we'll (me & beach cruzin) be doing 2 basic installs side by side. outside, under a beauty sky with plenty of refreshments available & the irock arockin' :D

i'm not sure how it'll be presented here, but we're hoping to be able to put something fun together for y' may take a day or two to get it posted, stay tuned!

boy this is gonna be fun 8)
Hey augidog...I wish I was there just to help consume the refreshments............and maybe pass you the odd wrench. Have fun with the builds.

well here is the first pics. augie is here and we are starting the build woo hoo! be back laters :cool: :D


Ok, you guys finished those bikes yet? I'm getting anxious for a progress report.

Hi all, wen't for the first test drive, how was just threatning to rain and 50 degress, but fun as heck! I need to get a helmut real quick, wanna be leagal, so i stayed on the less traveled road while motoring and pedaled in on the busy street to stop by where augie had gone to a bbq with new gf...blonde babe..more pics soon...yea baby! :D :) :eek: :eek: :cool: :p


The boys are still out there playing with it at this hour! too much fun. I know i will be out at 8 am doin the same thing...wooooohooooo!!
Quay....I'm really happy that you finally have a runner. You're gonna luv it.....and it looks really nice too.
tons of fun, good weather (almost rained but din't), good company, a few distractions so no time for pics, 2 basic builds that went by the book...and 2 more 70's are on the road 8)