Since I cant post in vender reviwes.....

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    If you have had a complaint with them, I suggest you get the word out about such a sleeazy company!

    posted on a/k/a Nationwide Access, LLC. Complaints - NO Customer Service Refuse to Honor Kits Sold
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    Posted: 2009-04-15 by CPC

    NO Customer Service Refuse to Honor Kits Sold
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    Refuse to honor kit sold as defective, refuse to replace or exchange. Poor customer service. Lies to its customers. VERY VERY HORRIBLE COMPANY!

    Their site totally misrepresented what it was selling, the pic was right but the product description was totally wrong. They ARE liars and sleazeballs!


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    I had the same problem Its Nationwide access LLC. I went through Kings Motor bikes. I have tried to get through to them to receive my order but they will not respond to me in any way whatsoever. I got to talk to someone one time and i said "I'm sorry sir I can't hear you" so they hung up on me. I am off to the bank to stop payment on the whole order.:ack2:
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    Dude, just call your credit card company and file a complaint!

    Let them fight it out with the company and get your money back for you