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    Internet Security.

    The phrase raises fears about identity theft, viruses, worms, spyware, and so on. And, with good cause. (Side Plug - If you don't have a good Virus/Spyware Scanner on your computer, GET ONE. )

    But, at MB.C, we take security very seriously, and we wanted to reassure you that you should never have a problem if you download anything that is hosted here.

    First, we've set up the forum software so that we don't allow any uploads of programs or other scripts (which could contain a virus or worm.) I believe that there are two different programs and an excel spreadsheet, used for gear ratio calculations, which we host at this site. These are special cases: Tom or I have uploaded them, and have made them available for download, but, they were written by our members, AND we ran a virus checker against them, just to make sure that there was NO malicious software hiding inside. So, clicking any attachments here should never cause a problem.

    Now, by default, the latest versions of various internet browsers, including Internet Explorer 8 are very ... anal :builder2:... about protection. :thinking: And, that's usually a good thing. :hurray: But, it's possible that if you click a link to a PDF file which has had the name changed by whoever uploaded it, or try to download one of those programs I mentioned earlier, you may get a warning from your browser, that downloading an executable may be hazardous to your computer's health. (and, that's true!) But, you also have to keep in mind that the bowser isn't telling you that the attachment in question IS hazardous - just that it might be. It doesn't actually scan the file, after all. (It COULDN'T, unless it actually downloaded it first...)

    If you trust this site, and believe that we will not allow a file to get here that would cause problems, you can pretty easily set up your browser to allow an exception to that rule of always informing you about downloading files. Following is the approach to take with Internet Explorer 8 to add us to the list of trusted sites. (other browsers follow a similar approach.)
    1. Navigate to the front page of the site, highlight the address, and press the ctrl and 'C' keys at the same time, which copies the site address you highlighted, to the clipboard.
    2. Select the 'Tools,' 'Internet Options' menu.
    3. When the options form pops up, choose the 'Security' tab. then, select the 'Trusted Sites' icon, and select the 'Sites' button.
    4. Select the 'Add this website' textbox, then, press the ctrl and 'V' keys at the same time, which will paste the copied address into the box.
    5. If the 'Require server cerification' checkbox is selected, temporarily un-check it, and
    6. click the 'Add' button.
    IF the Require server checkbox was originally checked, click it to reset it the way it was, and you're done. Exit the tools/options and you should be able to download stuff from here without getting a warning.

    One final caveat: Although THIS site won't have malicious software, clicking a link which takes you to other sites might lead to spyware (if you didn't have those 'anal' security settings that disallow it :whistling:...:cool:) We have no control over what OTHER sites place on their site, or allow.:confused:

    Be careful out there!
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    Windows 7

    If anybody is using Windows 7 like I, Please checkout online help about virus scanners..... Most of them out there today don't work correctly with the Windows 7 R/C. ( r/c is the last beta ) The problem is you think it's working but then you get hit.... I found one called AVG antivirus that works with windows 7 and you can download it for free from there website.
    I Think all the other venders are working on their Windows 7 versions but there not out yet... Windows 7 hit's the stores 10-22-09..
    And I can tell you it's Awesome... The best Windows yet ....
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    Nice post Lou! I didn't realize that IE 8 could be such a pita!
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    Window's is called window's because it breaks easy! LOL! AVG is a good program to run for free! All Summer it has been a virtual arms race between Microsoft and hackers, hence all of the updates!