Size and seller?


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Feb 12, 2008
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I'm getting closer to my first purchase but I'm reading different stories on displacement. I've read that 70cc is great for speed but that they wear out faster. I've read that <50cc is slow but that they last longer. :confused:
What's y'all's real world experience?
Also what seller do you recommend? I'm considering Dax, Kings, and eBay so far.
Sorry if this question gets reposted often, but I couldn't find what I'm looking for on "search".
I haven't had mine for long enough yet, but I think as long as you keep the speed reasonable (around 25 mph?) either engines should give you a good run. I got a 70cc because I like the idea of better torque.

As for the type, it seems that most of the HT engines are basically alike. Some sellers just dress them up a bit before pushing them out. It seems like Dax engines are the best choice, by general consensus on this board.
Maybe the dax 65, or the chris hill 80, Not the dax 70 (expirence) ,yeah 70 DAX good for power hill climb , but your right , not good for durability/long lasting. Or you can just wait for the TITAN, MO.
Kits vary WIDELY and the more u pay the less chance u have of problems.If i was going to build a frame mount HT again i'de go for Chris Hills(see review)
Possibly if u ask nicely you'll get a MBc discount.
Combine that kit(if u want) with a good expansion chamber and good carby and you'll have an excellent bike.
As it is i'm swapping to a 4-stroke cos i'm going to stick with these wonderful motored machines but i'll always have a soft spot for my first love and continue to ride it.
Where to get engine

I think the most important thing is the customer support. Thats Dax has always helped me out when ever I have had a problem, and the customer support is outstanding. Thatsdax 80cc is what I would go with, ever if it is not 80cc or whatever.