sizing information?



Hi, I am interested in the engine kit, but I need little info first. I scanned your site and couldn't find out any info on frame size. I also need to know the ideal frame tube diameter size. The reason I am asking this is the engine will be (hopefully)installed on a Cannondale frame(the down tube is fatter then most). What is the exact clearance needed for the engine? I hope this makes sense. jeffro
Fram Size

If the seat post tube is a large diameter , then you can apply the adapter principle for the rear mount as well. That will requiring drilling and will also require that you buy some steel and duplicate the adapter that comes with the kit.

NOOOOOOOOOOOOO drilling the frame can weaken it and as you know long term vibration can cause micro cracks and eventually a lot of trouble.
One thing I have had a lot of luck with is a coil mounting bracket from auto zone if it is to big just line the inside with some high density rubber this will help the bracket grab the frame better and cut down on some of the vibration.
The min height you need on the bike frame is at least 16 inches and that is squeaking it but the angel of the seat and down tube have a lot to do with the mounting

The best bike to get is a beach cruser with a coaster break those hand breaks can be a big head ache the rubber wears down fast and if you have to do a panic stop you can actualy snap the break and tangle it in the wheel (OUCH THAT HURT).


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