Skyhawk 4G Freewheel Solid Replacement?

Discussion in '4-Stroke Engines' started by KCvale, May 29, 2012.

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    I'm a bit peeved...

    I finally had time to finish up Big Red, my new personal ride since I let Bad Mojo go and customer builds come first so it took a lot of time

    She's a 2012 Macargi Pantera with a 3-speed wheel and SBP Jackshafted Chinese 49cc 4-stroke motor with Grubee G4 belt transfer case.



    I still have more cosmetic stuff and handlebar accessories to do but I finally got it mechanically done and went for a test ride.

    It flew through the 3 gears and he got me to ~35MPH without a single pedal in about 7 seconds with more left in it and *poof* the G4 freewheel broke.
    That would be the freewheel bearing inside the big belt pulley, and I doubt I even got 500 yards.

    The odd part is it is not a 'hard failure'...
    I figure it has to be a haunted G4 or something as it has been a problem child from day one.

    Anyway I emailed Bicycle-Engines,com to see if it's covered but I would like to know if anyone else has seen this and Is there a solid replacement for the G4 Freewheel?

    I'm Jackshafted so the freewheel is at the source, where the 3-speed hub attaches to the drive train so a Freewheel in the G4 is a useless vulnerable point anyway.

    I haven't even pulled the freewheel out of the pulley yet, I am just trying to get a head start and of course show off my new build ;-}